Posted on November 11, 2021 by VINGT Paris

Born and raised in Bologna in Italy, Renato has been living in Paris for over 16 years, having previously lived in both London and New York.

With a vast experience in the global art and real estate markets, he has cultivated over the years a passion for painting, architecture and history, and developed a certain sense of aesthetic “mission”. An excellent communicator and naturally good-humoured, he has always appreciated the contact with clients interested in sharing with him projects, small or ambitious, and always tried to explore together the best way to achieve them.

His knowledge of Parisian life, both historical and sociological, is a key factor in developing a deep understanding of the needs of each customer and often to creating a long-standing relationship.

Favourite local bar?
Everything that is facing the water. I am in love with the river Seine and consider it to be, by far, the most beautiful ‘street’ in Paris.

Favourite local cafe/restaurant?
Of course, they are a well-kept secret, but, to give a hint, my favourites are almost all situated on the Rive Gauche… I can however confess that the setting of LouLou’s terrace in summer is simply breath-taking. In terms of restaurants, everything associated with the South West’s cuisine du terroir and with the tasty and authentic Burgundian culinary tradition has always made my liver smile with guilt.

Local indulgence?
As an Italian rather used to the diversified architectural beauty of my country since a very early age (and, for this reason, quite difficult to be impressed; what a presumption!) – I nonetheless cannot stop repeating that strolling on the banks of the Seine – whatever weather conditions – really defines my (tackily stereotyped) idea of Paris. But it is really undeniable that this magic river and its UNESCO-protected banks are something unique in the world. And it is not by accident that the Louvre, the Île Saint-Louis and the Sainte-Chapelle, along with the Musée d’Orsay and the Petit Palais, certainly my favourite historic landmarks in the Ville Lumière, are never very far from the placid waters of the river.

Guilty pleasure?
Too many to be mentioned on a public platform.

The best thing about your quartier?
The quartiers change (unlike the individuals after a certain age) and the individuals often change quartier… What we liked in our quartiers in the past may not be what we mostly appreciate now. Having lived in several quartiers since 2002, why not come and discuss the where’s, how’s and why’s with us on one of the many terraces of the many quartiers of this beautiful city?