20 Danger!

Posted on August 22, 2013 by Susie Hollands

01 chatelet affiches1. Missing the last metro home
2. Heels on cobblestones
3. Sacre Coeur pickpocket petition scams
4. Cycling the rond-point Bastille
5. Sales clerks on the Rue St Honoré
6. Strikes
7. Side stepping streams of urine on footpaths
8. Les soldes
9. Touching the fruit at greengrocers
10. Fishing in the Canal St Martin
11. Paris Plages
12. Driving through Sunday manifestations
13. Not greeting shop assistants when you enter and leave
14. Flashing an iPhone at metro stations
15. Puces St Ouen
16. Pigeons
17. Late night kebab
18. Sunbaking on the Seine
19. Line up for the Louvre
20. Dog deficit