Property Management

To continue to provide the very best service to property owners, we have a structure specifically dedicated to property management: VINGT Paris Asset Management. Our new property management services include rent collection, administrative representation, and attendance at general meetings, ensuring all required documentation is in order, handling expenses and maintenance, legal action when needed, and managing insurance and service contracts.

We take care of all aspects of property management, allowing property owners to enjoy hassle-free ownership and return on their investment.

Our property management services include:

  • Rent collection: collecting all sums due to the property owner, including rent, charges, deposits, and other related payments.
  • Administrative representation: representing the property owner before relevant authorities, submitting necessary documents, and requesting the issuance of all required certificates or administrative documents related to the managed property.
  • Representation at general meetings: representing the property owner at general meetings of the co- owners’ association
  • Issuing receipts: providing receipts, acknowledgment, and discharge for all sums received on behalf of the property owner.
  • Tenant documentation: ensuring that tenants provide all necessary documents and justifications as required by the property owner, including proof of insurance.
  • Payment of expenses: handling payments related to co-ownership charges, expenses of a free syndicate association, property taxes, and other related charges or taxes.
  • Maintenance and repairs: performing routine maintenance and minor repairs essential for the property’s rental, within a specified budget limit, and settling invoices using funds collected on behalf of the property owner.
  • Legal action: taking legal action when necessary, such as pursuing non-payment of rent or charges.
  • Insurance contracts: managing insurance contracts relevant to the property’s regular operation and protection, including filing claims and collecting insurance proceeds.
  • Service contracts: engaging service providers, signing contracts, and managing work orders for services such as maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.
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