We’re really loving the apartment. The layout is great and we feel really at home here – this was a great fit for us. We’ve already unpacked all of our bags and the storage/closets are more than enough. Our boxes arrive today, so we should be fully settled after that. Just wanted to say that we’ve been so impressed with Vingt and the ease of this move. We love all the personal touches. We’ve both done alot of moves – I moved over 10 times in NYC alone. And it’s never been like this with any other agency. We keep recommending Vingt to everyone in the expat groups!

Brittany, New York, USA, Tenant

Jovanka has been wonderful with helping us and is so lovely.

Michael S, New York, USA, Tenant

Jovanka, thank you for fixing the problem! Also the vacuum cleaner. You are so sweet and helpful.

Samantha W, Los Angeles, USA, Tenant

Pam, thank you for assisting my son Vincent in his search for an apartment. He tells me you have been so incredibly helpful and kind. Fond regards.


Anna C, New York, USA, Tenant’s Mother

Please send my thanks to your colleague. She’s been extremely helpful and just wonderful speaking with. She and you both are very helpful and trustworthy.

Vincent C, New York, USA, Tenant

Pam, I would like to thank you for all your effort in arranging us this apartment. Thank you for spending your time even during your holidays; we really appreciate it. Hope you enjoyed Menorca and the Spanish sun. The apartment is really cute and we like it. Also, Jovanka did an amazing job during the check-in and she provided lots of useful info.

Aleksandar K, Madrid, Spain, Tenant

Words cannot fully express how pleased I have been as a VINGT Paris client. From opening the necessary bank accounts, obtaining legal representation, purchasing the ideal apartment, completing all renovations and interior designing, to finally establishing occupancy and long-term rentals, VINGT Paris has been extraordinary – professional, responsive, efficient, communicative and effective. VINGT Paris’ years of experience and exceptional community resources make purchasing and owning/renting a property from afar streamlined. In particular, Susie Hollands makes customer care a top priority. If you are interested in renting or purchasing a European property then VINGT Paris is the way to go!

Martha K, California, USA, Rental Owner and Buyer

VINGT Paris is the ONLY real estate agent you need in Paris. I tried four others before I found VINGT. Each wasted my time by advertising apartments that were not available, not returning phone calls or emails, schedule showings only to cancel them last minute. Indeed, I made an extra trip from New York to Paris after confirming three showings with other agencies, and two of them were cancelled on arrival. This will never happen with VINGT. They are personable and respectful, extremely well organised and totally on the case. My agent, Tycen, called me multiple times in the US and UK to discuss my rental options and spoke personally with the owner to negotiate a mutually agreeable lease term. He’s even helping me set up a bank account on arrival in Paris. I have bought and sold five properties in the US and am a landlord myself for three others. I only wish VINGT worked in NYC – I would definitely be a customer!

Tina C, Brooklyn, NY, USA, tenant

Absolutely amazing service! As an international student, I thought moving to Paris was going to be extremely difficult but VINGT made it so easy for me and I love my apartment. Would 1000% recommend to everyone that I know!

Taylor G, California, USA, tenant