Our Ethics and Equity Statement

Our Ethics and Equity Statement

What guides us

At VINGT Paris, our actions are guided by our ethics and equity statement.

At the heart of our business are our interactions with clients. These follow a 10-point client charter which constitutes our code of professional conduct – a code of ethics if you will…

Client Charter

  1. We act with integrity at all times
  2. We place the client’s interests before our own
  3. We disseminate transparent, accurate and timely information to clients
  4. We maintain regular contact with clients
  5. We base investment recommendations on strong analysis
  6. We never engage in misleading sales promotions
  7. We are transparent with clients if something goes wrong
  8. We actively disclose all compensation arrangements to clients
  9. We mentor future industry professionals
  10. We strive to improve standards across the industry

In addition to the Client Charter, our business and overall vision are guided by our Equity statement.

The Vingt Paris team is committed to listening and learning in all areas of our business but particularly when considering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our business.

We are fortunate to work with clients from diverse cultures and countries from around the world and we are fuelled by the diversity of our clients and the privilege of connecting each unique client to their home.

  • We are open-minded and ready to listen and collaborate with you to find your best home.
  • We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are and want to meet you where you are on your personal journey.
  • We believe everyone should have a sense of belonging in their home and be embraced by the city so they can be their authentic selves and thrive.
  • We are welcoming. We see Paris as a as a world-class and diverse city that attracts curious people, and we strive to connect you to the best of Paris.
  • We commit to using these practices both in our business and with our clients.

Whether it is helping clients connect with the best of their new community, striving to meet their specific personal requirements or hosting Pride celebrations, we are proud to be a company and team that remains curious and learning about equity and diversity while remaining passionate about our global clients and their goals.

We are listening, learning, and living in this amazing city of Paris.