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Properties in Monaco

Monaco boasts the highest concentration of millionaires in the world, which makes it one of the most sought-after real estate investment locations anywhere on the globe. From the Principality’s unparalleled glitz and glamour to its warm climate, excellent standard of living and incomparable safety and security, it’s clear to see why Monaco remains one of the ultimate destinations for high-net-worth individuals to live and own property.

While Monaco is home to some of the world’s oldest family fortunes, its lasting allure means that the Principality also attracts first-generation high-net-worth individuals. Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of young entrepreneurs and investors attracted to the Principality and we expect that Monaco will continue to attract younger wealth and investors with more diverse interests such as those from emerging industries.

The Monaco property market moves with exceptional speed and the investor demographic means buyers often face wealthy and sometimes very liquid competitors. As a result, thinking about financing ahead of time is key.

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