20 Things to Do Before the Rentrée

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Susie Hollands 04 Rivoli HdV velo

1. Park a car, any car, anywhere, because you can
2. Walk through the Tuileries and gawk at the scary rides
3. No-stress at Galeries Lafayette
4. Soak up the ambiences of les vacances, even in Paris itself
5. Fall asleep in a park
6. Enjoy the extra space at Paris’ public swimming pools
7. Offer some tourists directions
8. Beat the crowds for theatre and concert tickets
9. Stress-free market shopping
10. Practice your French
11. Figure out how to work the Vélib…
12. then get to know your bike route while the traffic is calm
13. Enjoy the many summer music festivals, from pop and rock to classical
14. Sleep in!
15. Anticipate the return of your local fromager
16. Head to the summer seasons of exhibitions before they end
17. Keep your local bartender company during the quieter months
18. Sit on the grass (for once!)
19. Reflect on how the seasons change the city
20. Kick back and enjoy the calm before the storm