Daniella Busarello

Posted on August 7, 2012 by Susie Hollands

  Daniella Busarello is a Brazilian architect and designer.

Photo: Ana Clara Garmendia

1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit?   Nowadays I believe that it happened in my childhood. When I was 3 years old my aunt moved to France, and her letters (not emails) describing a world full of tradition, landscapes, tastes, art and history entered my soul.

2. Earliest Paris memory?

La Cour Carré du Musèe du Louvre, poetically white on the 8 December 2010.

3. Best neighbourhood you’ve ever lived in?
I’ve always lived in the 7eme, côté 6eme, boulevard Saint Germain. It’s a dream that came true. For now I won’t be changing it!

4. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Paris?
Ris de veau at Le Comptoir de l’Odeon. Just to be at Senderens is a “meal” for the eyes. Any ice cream from Martine Lambert, the best crepe in the world at L’Avant Comptoir, a lunch at Louvre Ripaille, and a happening dinner at L’Asperge.

5. Sexiest moment you’ve had in Paris?
Everyday, the time to make up with red lipstick.

6. What do you hate most about living in Paris?
When Parisians answer “pas mal” and “désolé”. In fact I don’t hate it, I just laugh about it, because it’s the opposite of my way of living and thinking.

7. Who’s your favourite Parisian — be they living or dead, real or fictional?
Coco Chanel.

8. Favourite cinema?
Should be La Pagode and L’Arlequin, but I’m not a frequent visitor. I prefer to discuss cinema in the cafés with friends.

9. Right bank or left bank? And why?
Left bank, it’s where I feel right! It’s the landscape, the feeling, the short streets, the art galleries, the cafés, the history, and the local people that I meet every week from the groceries, market, post office and everywhere. I love to walk around on Sunday and listen to the noise of my shoes on the streets, because there is no one, like a small ville. Sunday is also perfect to run along the Seine, when there are no cars, just people hanging out.

10. Favourite Caviste?
La Derniere Goutte.

11. Where do you go to escape the city?

12. Where are the best looking girls or boys in Paris and why?
Everywhere, each one with a different style. Parisians look self-confident, I believe that makes them just look perfect.

13. Where do you get your news?
The internet, design magazines and from travelling.

14. Favourite museum?
Centre Georges Pompidou. I love to be inside and outside at the same time.

15. Favourite shop?
Merci and Cassina, made every single day by creative and generous people.

16. Who’s the most stylish Paris personality?

Inès de la Fressange and Andrée Putman .

17. What is your favourite film set in Paris?
The whole movie Paris je t’aime, and my own everyday set that keeps moving, day or night, summer or winter, rainy or snowy, running from the boulevard Saint Germain, I take rue de Saint Pères ’til la Seine, then cross the Pont des Arts, you see the landscape across the river, you take a breath, and you arrive at the Cour Carré, where you stop breathing and you became part of the architecture. It’s a place without time, you listen to the musicians around, and you just see the sky. It’s a connection with the cosmos.

18. What about Paris most inspires you?
The “savoir faire” and “savoir vivre”, with calm and respect for each person, time, space, history, tradition, memory, gastronomy and art.

19. What makes someone a Parisian?
A big nose to sniff out every small thing that no one else can even notice.

20. What’s your favourite French word? (Swear words allowed!)