Felicity Lemon

Posted on March 20, 2014 by VINGT Editorial

felicity lemon bodyWords: Jill Pope
Image: Jill Pope

On an unassuming street in the 20th arrondissement lies a small outpost of modern bistro cuisine at seemingly impossible Parisian prices. Despite living just around the corner, it took several months for me to notice the welcoming garland of fairy lights adorning Felicity Lemon’s façade, and to be consequently lured in by the warm atmosphere, no small amount of food envy and again, those prices! French staples such as duck and charcuterie are given interesting twists and are mixed up with some more unusual offerings such as a spicy Asian-style quail salad. With a small but tightly-focused wine list and cheerful staff, Bellevilloise Mme. Lemon is the perfect option for those nights when you just can’t handle cooking yourself.