Owner’s Insurance

Buyers Insurance

When you purchase your French property insurance, make sure that you read and understand the small print. This is where you can see the scope and restrictions of your coverage.

Owner’s Insurance
Before you can buy a home in France, your Notaire will ask for proof that you have French property insurance. Before handing out the contract for your French home and closing the sale, the Notaire needs your French property insurance as an underwriting requirement.

Most French property insurance includes coverage for buildings. French property insurance covers the actual structure of a French home in case of damage due to fire or storms. French property insurance pays for the cost of repairs or rebuilding. Debris removal and professional fees following loss or damage are also covered by your French property insurance. Perils such as earthquake, fire, storm, flood, and burst pipes are all included. In addition, French property insurance companies include coverage for fixtures and fittings within the buildings like kitchens and baths.and include a natural catastrophe clause to cover losses caused by floods.

Aside from buildings, French property insurance also pays for the replacement of lost items or belongings caused by the same perils that damaged the house. The contents that are covered by your French property insurance include furniture, furnishings, televisions, personal belongings, etc.

Water Damage
When issued, your insurance papers will include a “constat amiable des dégâts des eaux” to be used in case of a water damage claim involving third parties as can be the case if you are living in an apartment. Signed by both parties and sent to their respective insurers, this document will help in a speedy settlement of the claim.