Should I Buy Paris Property As An Investment?


Your investment objectives will determine where you decide to buy. There may be 20 arrondissements in Paris but we do not recommend all of them! The majority of our clients choose to rent the apartment for at least part of the year and we are experienced in this field offering one of the only complete services in Paris where the same company organizes your purchase, renovation and on-going management needs.

Running VINGT Paris’ concurrent expatriate rental operation since our inception has given us a unique insight into the needs of the large international community in Paris. This is the market that we recommend our clients target if they wish to achieve good returns on their investment. We are uniquely positioned to advise you on this, even down to the best streets!

We will be happy to add your property to our portfolio of quality apartments for those searching for short term vacation rental or accommodation for 3 months plus – mainly business people, MBA students and academics.

One-year furnished rentals suit owners who prefer the security of a steady renter and can block off their apartment for longer chunks of time.  Adding an apartment to our relocation division offers an investor great management and marketing solutions. Accountability and the ability to work efficiently with those based abroad in another time zone are our strengths. There won’t be any need for you even to come to Paris, it can all be handled here for you.

Of course you’d probably love an excuse to visit so why not book the apartment yourself too. This can normally be arranged to fit your schedule at a quiet time of year for example or between tenants!

We do not recommend short term tourism rentals due to restrictions by Paris City Hall.