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VINGT Paris’ Top 10 Tips to Buy Property in Paris

Before your search: Take a long-term view based on your personal circumstances, the financing required, how much personal use to reserve and how much rental time to allow (if any) and whether you plan to… Read more

Basic Sales Process Details

If you decide to purchase property in France, you will first want to determine the amount of money you can borrow. You can do this by either visiting one or more banks that lend to Non-Residents,… Read more

Need to know: Obtaining Finance

HOW MUCH CAN I AFFORD? This will depend upon several factors: How much you are able to borrow; The period over which you intend to repay your mortgage; Your existing mortgage, loans and other commitments.… Read more

Need to know: Property Financing and Purchase Glossary

When buying a property in France, it’s useful to know a few key words in the local language. agent immobilier estate agent acompte deposit acte authentique de vente deed of sale apport personnel down payment… Read more

French Real Estate Glossary

ANCIEN: older building APPARTEMENT: apartment ASCENSEUR: elevator/lift ASSEMBLÉE DES COPROPRIÉTAIRES: general meeting of owners BALCON: balcony BUANDERIE: laundry room BONNE DISTRIBUTION: well laid-out floor plan BOX: parking BUREAU: study/office CARACTÈRE: character, something unusual… CARRELAGE: ceramic… Read more

Need to know: Financing in France

The answer is a straightforward yes, and no strings attached. This is so true that foreign real estate companies buy French real estate every time the market plunges. The second question that comes up is… Read more

Need to know: La Loi Alur

As of 27 March 2014, the Alur Law has been passed by the French government. Below is a summary of the changes to the legislation that may affect building and home owners. Charges: For lease… Read more

Mortgage application – documents required by a French bank

It can be quite hard to understand the cautious approach of French banks and their completely different attitude to borrowing and lending than in other countries. When applying for a mortgage, here are the documents… Read more

VINGT Paris as a Buyer’s agent

VINGT Paris also acts as a property acquisition specialist.  In this case, we don’t work for the property seller.  We work for you, the buyer. We only search to fulfil demand. What our clients want,… Read more

What are the costs aside from the apartment itself?

When the property is chosen we’d recommend a Surveyor visits, an additional budget of 500 euros plus tax. When the pre-sale contract is signed, you’ll transmit 10% of the purchase price (minus agency fees) to… Read more

Should I Buy to Rent as an Investment?

Your investment objectives will determine where you decide to buy. There may be 20 arrondissements in Paris but we do not recommend all of them! The majority of our clients choose to rent the apartment… Read more

What is the Real Estate Agency fee and who pays for it?

Estate Agency fees if required are normally included in the purchase price of the property. In effect, both the buyer and the seller pay the agency commission because it is part of the sales price.… Read more

How long does it take to get my Paris pad?

First and foremost we are very flexible to your needs – our clients have busy schedules. Those based overseas often ask us to liaise with them remotely after an earlier meeting in Paris, or by… Read more

Meet the Notaire

Many of VINGT Paris’ US clients are surprised when they find out that Notaires have a (virtual) monopoly on property transactions. I think it’s because they think that a Notaire is the same as a… Read more

Promesse de Vente – going into contract

The Promesse de Vente is the first formal and legally binding stage in the property purchase process in France. It is a written contract of sale agreement which legally binds together the seller and purchaser.… Read more

Your mortgage acceptance as condition of the Promesse de Vente

In the Promesse de Vente we usually request that the purchase be subject to a conditional clause (“clause suspensive”) which lays out the minimum terms of a loan that you are willing to accept to… Read more

How can I sign a document if I don’t understand French?

We are often asked this question and the language issue is naturally a very important one to address. Contracts and agreements must be drafted in French in order to be valid under French law. We work… Read more

Apartment building management – The Syndic

In France, properties with common elements (whether a building, amenities or land) shared with other properties are owned outright through a system called ‘co-ownership’ (copropriété), similar to owning a condominium in the US. The owners… Read more

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