Legalities and checks

Need to know: Inheritance laws

When you purchase a property in France, French inheritance laws apply to that property. These laws, which are very different from the Separate Estates laws in other countries, can have an impact on the use… Read more

Need to know: Buying a house as a group

CAN A NUMBER OF PEOPLE BUY A HOME TOGETHER ? French homes may be purchased on an individual or on a collective basis. However, if you intend to buy a home collectively, all buyers will… Read more

Need to know: Insurance

Make sure that you are properly insured while living in France, where personal insurance is a legal requirement for a number of cases. The French insurance market offers a wide choice of companies and policies… Read more

Meet the Notaire

Many of VINGT Paris’ US clients are surprised when they find out that Notaires have a (virtual) monopoly on property transactions. I think it’s because they think that a Notaire is the same as a… Read more

The size of your apartment – Loi Carrez

The Loi Carrez (named, not for the unit of measurement, but for the minister of housing who introduced the law) is a protective measure for the buyer in France. The sale agreement relating to the… Read more

Legalities and checks