Max Linder Panorama

Posted on February 4, 2010 by Susie Hollands



Max Linder Panorama is one of several classic art deco cinemas concentrated in 9th and 18th arrondissements. Unlike its landmark neighbor, the 3000 seater Rex, Max Linder has an unassuming exterior.

Built in 1912, the theatre was re-named after the French silent film pioneer Max Linder who purchased it in 1914. The theatre was renovated in 1987, preserving a beautiful art deco interior. While the decor is retro, the theatre itself has a state of the art sound system and a huge curved screen (thus the name Panorama). The result is an immersmovie-going experience and is an ideal venue seeing one of the many 3D movies to recently hit the box office.

A surprising 600 person capacity is made possible by seating on three levels.  Those interested are advised to arrive early and grab seats in the middle level – those on the top level risk an obstructed view, while those on the bottom risk a strained neck from looking up at the screen.  A refreshing experience for those seeking more than sterile megaplexes.  For more information and showtimes, visit the Max Linder Panorama website.

Max Linder Panorama

Address: 24 Boulevard Poissonniere
Telephone: 01 48 00 90 24
Metro: Grands-Boulevards (8, 9)

Words: Chris Holt
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