How Long Does It Take To Get My Paris Apartment?

How Long Does It Take To Get My Paris Pad?

First and foremost we are very flexible to your needs – our clients have busy schedules. We understand that you want to get into your Paris apartment as soon as you can. Those based overseas often ask us to liaise with them remotely after an earlier meeting in Paris, or by telephone  to ascertain objectives.

Other clients are already resident in Paris and we arrange suitable times to view selected apartments either one-by-one or as a selection over a agreed period of time, based on work schedules and convenience.

After choosing your apartment we steer you through the legal process from France or after you’re back home. This includes visits to the property and organisation of structural survey and study of apartment dossier (diagnostics required by law, verification of size, background checks on home owner’s association etc).

Next comes the important process of engaging a Notaire (we can represent you at meetings with him/her if required and this is included in our fee) to draw up the Promesse de Vente/pre-sale agreement.

After signing the Promesse de Vente/Pre-sale agreement it will normally be around 3 months before the apartment keys are in your hands.

Of course our support continues until final closing in liaison with banks and Notaires on your behalf and again we can arrange to represent you at the final signing if need be.