Vingt Paris As A Buyer’s Agent

Buyer's Agent

VINGT Paris also acts as a property acquisition specialist, a buyer’s agent.  In this case, we don’t work for the property seller.  We work for you, the buyer. We only search to fulfil demand. What our clients want, we find.

Our fee of 3% including tax is success based and only due when we obtain the property you desire and  the final closing takes place. We do not charge a “dossier fee” for our service, which is illegal in France.

Due to our extensive contacts with the best Real Estate partners in Paris we give you access to a broad range of the best property on the market at the given moment of your search.  We have our own massive network of Paris property sources from the French and international community built up since 2003.

With VINGT Paris on your side you will access the real market of properties – not the properties targeted at international buyers. If a property suits your requirements, then we will negotiate on your behalf and we are in the best position to advise you on what represents a ‘sensible’ value due to our up-to-the-minute knowledge of Paris. We live and breathe Paris real estate!

We look out for your interests and make sure the correct legal procedures are followed every step of the way.  As France is an famously administration-heavy country with different business practices, long term support right through until closing ( and beyond ) from VINGT Paris is needed to be sure things go smoothly.

Once formally instructed we get down to the all important search process. In Paris there is (unfortunately for the buyer) no market-wide database of properties for sale (like the multiple listing system in the USA) and your perfect apartment in the Marais might well be listed with an estate agency on the Left Bank!

Our reputation with Parisian estate agents and other property sources ensures we leave no stone unturned in finding you that property with the Wow factor. We are constantly in contact with our networks and alerted immediately when suitable property comes on the market, often before it goes on sale. We cover all available sources: Internet, private sale listings, trade journals and word of mouth.

We aim to save you time and hassle and you’ll visit only those properties that really match your requirements. We’re conscious we need to maximise your time and show you only those we’ve cherry-picked which truly fit your requirements. At this stage we also provide a detailed analysis of price relative to market valuations, property taxes and monthly charges.