La Briciola

Posted on January 27, 2009 by VINGT Editorial photo

Words: Daniel Scheffler

In the epicenter of Parisian trendiness comes a truly unashamed
Italian bistro offering freshness and understated simplicity.

Dark rocket leaves, many tomatoes and shavings of parmesan cover an
eclectic plate of Southern Italy. Order pizzas with ricotta and ask for
chillies whilst the owners pour heavy shots of limoncello.

The interior is minimal and allows for the focus of the restaurant to be on the
handsome food. Book for big tables and enjoy exceptional wines served
by the carafe.

La Briciola
64 Rue Charlot, 3rd
Ph: 01 42 77 34 10
Hours: 12pm – 230pm, 730pm – 12:30am
Metro: Filles du Calvaire (8)