A message for our buyers

Posted on May 7, 2020 by VINGT Editorial
View of a typical Paris property to accompany our article 'A message for our buyers'

The Paris property market has remained surprisingly buoyant – even during the lockdown period (Photo (C) VINGT Paris)

Those of you who have been watching our new series of videos will know that we have already been in touch with many of our buyers during this period. In fact, there has actually been a bit more time for people to talk through their projects with us. There seems to be even more importance placed now on how and where people will spend their precious time.

So we’ve had some great conversations with clients – and we are more than happy to talk through all the scenarios with you. From the process of finding your Paris property to finance, immigration and decoration – whether that’s for your perfect pied-à-terre or as an investment buy – we are here to help.

Here at VINGT Paris, therefore, we’ve actually been very busy during the confinement. Indeed, very few vendors have decided to withdraw their properties, which is good news, as the problem in Paris is always lack of inventory. That’s the key reason for the consistently high prices. So, buyers can look forward to a slight adjustment of pricing, but we are not expecting anything dramatic.

Also, it’s important to mention that the notaires are working exactly as normal, but in a remote capacity, and have enabled clients to do the same – with online signing available etc.

Buoyant market

Certainly, the market remains very buoyant in Paris. In terms of facts and figures, most of our customers are continuing as normal with their property searches. In fact, as mentioned, because they had a little more time for reflection, there has actually been a lot of progress in recent weeks.

At the time of writing, the lockdown is just about to ease here, so we are now looking forward to getting back into the apartments – and seeing all the new ones coming onto the market. Some owners, due to the current conditions, have approached us to sell their properties, so we have new and interesting products coming.  

In addition, as we also act as a buyer’s agent, seeking out properties to a specific brief, we expect to be very busy in the coming weeks – and even over the summer.

Busy summer

Unlike normal Augusts in Paris, when things tend to slow right down, we expect everything to be very busy this year. So, there’s a lot more going on in Paris than you might think – and, even during the lockdown, we have sold quite a few properties – and there’s every reason to hope that things will be getting back to normal by the end of the year.

In summary then, we will continue to work on your behalf to find the best Paris properties, in the best areas. As always, we are here to help, so drop us a phone call or an email and we can go through your plans together and start making your Paris dream a reality.