A message for our sellers

Posted on May 7, 2020 by VINGT Editorial
Photo of the Eiffel Tower to accompany our article 'A message for our sellers' (Photo Martijn Adegeest, Pexels)

The Paris property market has always been very resilient – and that is unlikely to change any time soon (Photo © Martijn Adegeest, Pexels)

We hope that everyone is safe and well and that you have managed to get through the lockdown without too much problem.

The key message for our sellers is that, because we are an international agency, it’s very much business as usual. As many of you will know, we deal with customers all over the world – from London and New York to Hong Kong and Asia and other global places – and in different time zones. So working on a remote basis is something that we do all the time anyway. In fact, we’ve barely changed in the way that we operate.

Also, the other important thing to say – which we also cover in our series of videos – is the fact that the market has remained very buoyant. So, here at VINGT Paris, we’ve actually been extremely busy during the confinement. Very few vendors have decided to withdraw their properties, which is good news, as the problem in Paris is always lack of inventory. Plus, we also have a lot of motivated buyers on our books – and new enquiries coming in all the time.

Changing times

One of the really interesting things to come out of this time is that the type of property that people are looking for has changed. So there’s more of an emphasis on terraces, balconies, open spaces – and perhaps space for a home office and a gym.

Also, if anything, this whole situation has made people more serious about their plans. They have had this time – this pause in their lives – to really think about what they want out of life. So, for this reason, many of them are keen to move forward with their Paris plans. Let’s say that there’s a greater sense of urgency among buyers.

In terms of pricing, we are expecting a slight adjustment of prices in the coming months, as the effects of coronavirus fall into place. We feel it’s important to be honest about that, as we would not be offering a good service otherwise. It’s likely that prices will only remain the same at very special, one-of-a-kind Paris properties. That said, we are not expecting any dramatic changes, either.

Best strategy

Finally, as always, we want you to know that we are here for you as needed to discuss the best strategy for your property – as we really can offer the best advice for you. As a boutique agency with partnerships all around the world, we are constantly swapping tips, leads and ideas for best practice. This means we can also capture the best customers for your property.

In summary, we are ready and waiting to help and at your complete disposal as required.