Vingt Paris reveals Equity Statement

Posted on March 3, 2023 by Susie Hollands

VINGT Paris recently partnered with  Wild Rose House for an in-depth look at what equity means for the company. Educator Leslie Cove helped the team to create a shared statement that the company could get behind which now complements our client charter and will serve to guide our actions as a company going forward. 

As the company’s Founder Susie Hollands says: “I met Leslie at just the right time as the question of how the company should evolve in a fast-changing society was forefront in my mind. Many of the issues happening on a macro scale are important to me on a personal level, and I had been a little unsure of how my own convictions could be aligned with my company and my team.

“I am fortunate to lead a team of culturally adept individuals, but it was very useful to be able to work in a sensitive, yet organized and enjoyable manner with Leslie in order to explore what equity meant for us. With her help, it felt like we arrived naturally at a statement that was right for us and she enabled us to set out in a simple and straightforward way the values that we have strived to incorporate into our work over the years. Leslie’s thorough review of our website also offered very helpful insights into how we could ensure that these values were reflected in a key point of contact for our business.”

This work has helped us to better understand who we are as a company and we are happy to now be able to share this with our clients through our equity statement which can be discovered here: