The advantages of owning a property in Paris | The overall French market vs the local London market

Posted on October 2, 2022 by Susie Hollands

On this week’s podcast we chat with Susie Hollands, Founder and CEO of VINGT Paris.

Susie shares her insight around the Paris property market and how different it is to the London market in terms of available stock, rental investment options and how Capital Gains Tax can positively affect long term ownership. We talk about how Paris has limited availability of stock and what a challenge renovations can be with the current lack of contractors and raw materials.

We discuss famous football players and how the Paris market, while much more resilient than a market like Manhattan or London for example, is seeing an increase in American buyers due to the strong exchange rate at the moment.

Join us for Susie’s global overview of the overall French market and the local London market and the impact of events such as Brexit and the pandemic.

“ People have probably got a strong emotional attachment with the city for one reason or another, a lot of romantic people interested in food, literature or art, especially. Maybe they visited Paris when they were a lot younger and didn’t get it out of their system. A lot of people are repeat visitors. ”
Susie Hollands

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