Interior Design & Renovation Services


Our clients tell us that one of the most exciting parts of their relationship with their new Paris apartment is the renovation and interior design. VINGT Paris will guide you every step of the way.

Many properties in Paris require some renovation and interior design. Buildings can easily be at least one century old, if not several.

We have long-established relationships with a wide range of highly-skilled subcontractors—builders, plumbers, electricians, kitchen and bathroom designers, painters and decorators—and can make sure their work meets with both your specifications and budget.

Renovation at a distance can sound scary, but with VINGT Paris it can be a stress-free endeavor. We take care of it, and involve you as much or as little as you want.

In terms of interior design, we offer a full portfolio of services. VINGT Paris knows the best artisans and interior designers in Paris, as well as those who offer the most budget-sensitive solutions.

VINGT Paris offers full renovation, decoration and repair services. With our expert assistance the market price of your property will be significantly increased, as will any potential rental returns.

Whether you are buying a pied à terre to enjoy or a property as a rental investment, we can help you in every step of your project to achieve the best results.

How the Process Works

Project Management Options

We recommend the use of a VINGT Paris project manager who can supervise, coordinate, choose suppliers and artisans, analyse and negotiate the estimates, assist in the final financial aspects plus manage a relationship with an architect and/or interior designer.
VINGT Paris will provide weekly updates via email during the entire works process.
We realise that our clients will have different levels of project management requirements regarding property renovation, repair and decoration. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, but here are some common options:

Option 1: Renovation.

The project manager oversees the entire renovation, from the initial visit right through to project completion.

Prior to the works phase, we can suggest architects and interior designers to design your interior according to you wishes and needs.

Option 2: Refurbishing

Decoration aspects, design, shopping for apartment fixtures and fittings, either with or without the client present. Depending on your requirements this may include visits to antique markets, department stores, independent furniture boutiques and specialist shops.

Option 3: Maintenance/Alterations

We offer services tailored to your specific requirements. These may include:


Contact us to see how Vingt Paris can assist you in your interior design project.