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Image: Stephen Coles

Diptyque was created in 1961 by three friends who were linked by their love of fine arts and fine décor;  Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiana Gautrot and Yves Coueslant.  Their now legendary boutique on the Boulevard Saint-Germain at that time also contained their own design fabrics and traditional English scents then unobtainable in France.

Two years later they launched their first scented candle based on a pot pourri from the 16th century and the scent of cinnamon, fig, tuberose, myrrh and cedar launched them on a path that made the brand famous the world over.

Carefully selected lettering and the elegant black and white design make this an iconic label for perfume lovers and artists alike.

One of the most unmistakable must be “PHILOSYKOS”, the scent of fig tree and wood white cedar “dans la chaleur d’un été grec”.  “EAU DE LIERRE” is ivy leaves, cyclamen, geranium, green pepper, ambergris, and palissander wood. They also have two other locations in Paris in Le Marais and the 16th.

34 Boulevard Saint Germain, 6th
Ph. 01 43 26 77 44
Hours 10am-7pm
Metro: Maubert-Mutualite (10)