Le Petit Paris

Posted on February 24, 2010 by Susie Hollands

Text: Susie Hollands
Image: Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris is a great mid-priced hotel options in one of the most sought after areas of the city. The old Relais de Poste is perfectly situated just 1 minute from the eastern gates of Luxembourg Gardens. It’s equally suitable for a lover’s weekend or  a family outing  perched at the slightly scruffier (but more fun) end of rue Saint-Jacques just past the Pantheon. Those seeking an authentic Latin Quarter experience will not be disappointed.  This is an unspoiled enclave, one of the cutest sections of the street next to an excellent cave, cheese shop, bakery and with numerous bookshops for browsing.

Smart and cheerful rather than sophisticated or snobby like many aspirational hotels in this price range, designer Sybille de Margerie (who did Mandarin Oriental on the Faubourg-St-Honoré) has mixed quality fabrics with contemporary furnishings and details.

The theme of the rooms reflecting the five main periods of Paris but also alluding to a David Lynch film Seems a little muddled and she hasn’t quite pulled it off but the small rooms are comfortable.  Ask for one with a bath if you wish to stretch out – space saving means the majority of the 20 rooms have only a shower.

The important wireless internet throughout the hotel is a plusand the ground floor lounge is a comfortable place to do a little work and avail oneself of the Nespresso.  An Honesty bar opens at 6pm through midnight.  The breakfast buffet is more than generous with a great speciality bread selection. Building it’s reputation through word of mouth, notably positive reviews on Trip Advisor, the future looks as bright as the décor. Neither smarmily slick nor too “budget” it’s a perfect middle range hotel where the warmth of the welcome makes it a little special.

Le Petit Paris
214 Rue Saint-Jacques, 5th
Ph. 01 53 10 29 29
Metro: Cardinal Lemoine (10)