Michel Cluizel Chocolate

Posted on March 15, 2010 by VINGT Editorial

Vingt-Paris Magazine-Michel-Cuizel-Robyn-LeeText: Boris Petrovic
Image: Robyn Lee

Like all fine chocolate artisans serious about their craft, Michel Cluizel has his own series of ‘Premier cru’ tablets, meaning that these chocolates come from a single cocoa bean related to a specific plantation rather than a no-name blend of cocoas (in most cases coming from Ivory coast plantations) ordinary chocolates are made from. For the moment, this exclusive series is limited to five different chocolates coming from all over the world: we meet beans from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Island of Sao Tomé, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Every chocolate amateur, beginner or connoisseur, should pay a visit to his boutique. It is a good place to begin one’s initiation to a world of fine chocolate, and one where you will surely want to come back.

Boutique Michel Cluizel
201 Rue Saint Honoré, 1st
Ph. 01 42 44 11 66
Hours M-Sat 10am-7pm
Metro: Tuileries (1)