Ze Kitchen Galerie

Posted on October 23, 2007 by Susie Hollands


Image: Alain Bisotti

A burst of colour and invention in a world of heavy sauces and (well-loved but) dull staples of French Cuisine.  Sometimes one yearns for something more fresh, light and modern in Paris.  Despite the awful name, we’d recommend you head to Ze Kitchen Galerie.  Around for quite some time though owner/chef William Ledeuil is still firmly at the helm of this fusion temple, minutely supervising the beautiful composition and preparation of each plate before it leaves the kitchen.   The menu is inspired by traditional french cuisine but with a spin – exotic herbs and spices, fruits and a definite South-East Asian influence.  The protégé of Guy Savoy gets busy with the lemongrass, wasabi, yuzu, goyave, galangal and ginger in a scintillating fashion. The restaurant shows contemporary artists such as Jacques Bosser, Thibaur de Reimpre and Léopold Gest, Danial Humair and Tony Soulié.  Just the place to head for on one of Paris’ grey days.

They now also have ‘kgb’ – Kitchen Galerie Bis, a smaller space tucked behind the original.

Ze Kitchen Galerie

4 rue des Grands Augustins, 6th
Ph. 01 44 32 00 32
Hours Mon-Sat 12.30-2.30pm, 7-11pm; Sun 7-11pm
Metro: Saint Michel (4)