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We absolutely adore the flat; it’s really beautiful!

JM, Switzerland, renter

We have been very busy cooking the wonderful ingredients that we have found in both of the markets that you have recommended. In fact, we have yet to eat out because it’s so much fun to work with what we have found in the markets. Moreover, the equipment in your kitchen makes me think I am in Wonderland.

JH, Toronto, renter

We had a marvelous time in the apartment; it’s so fantastic. I even managed to overcome my fear of window boxes!

LJ, London, renter

Your wonderful apartment – a kind of Platonic idea of a Paris flat in the best of all possible arrondissements – is so light and so sympathetically furnished…We love your sunny, airy flat.

HR, London, renter

What a marvellously attractive, well-appointed and well-placed apartment.

VP, London, renter

The apartment was perfect and it made my stay as enjoyable as it could be. I only wish I could have stayed longer! I even gave myself the treat of going to the Bastille Opera on Saturday night to hear Les Troyens. It was fun to be able to walk there.

IP, Phoenix, renter

The wireless connection is excellent and extremely convenient. Thank you again for letting us stay in your wonderful apartment! As I’m sure all your guests have told you, the apartment is exquisite and the neighborhood is extraordinary. We could not have asked for a better introduction to Paris. We will be sad to leave this place.

CA, New York, renter

One advantage of your flat which I forgot to mention: Tristan and Isolde [Bastille Opera] has two 40-minute intervals and ends at 11.30. In the first interval, I walked back and had the first course of my supper, though I left the remainder until the end of the show.

PM, London, renter

Hi. The apartment is a happy dream – everything needed and more, including this connection… Again, the apartment is perfect for us.

JC, Harvard, renter