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Amazing agency to work with! Absolutely wonderful. VINGT has made renting an apartment in Paris such an easy and pleasant process. I have used other agencies in the past and learned from them that good service is hard to come by in this business. However, I have nothing but positive things to say about VINGT!

Massey D, New Orleans, USA, Tenant

Kristjan, we are delighted that the deal has now been done. Thank you so much for your role in this endeavour. You were a great help and your recommendations for notaire, interior designer, banker (even though we had a hiccup) have all been reliably good. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année!

Mary B, Houston, USA, Buyer

I know I speak for us both when I say thank you for all that the team at VINGT has done to attempt to make our dream of living in Paris a reality. I know we were a handful and I appreciate your willingness to accommodate us at every turn. I wish you all a very happy holiday. Blessings to you and your families.

Lisa W, Texas, USA, Buyer

Dear Susie, thank you for your message – and this beautiful project! I am really delighted to have called upon your services for this transaction. It is thanks to the tenacity, professionalism and unfailing availability of Thibault that this epic process has not failed. Bravo Thibault! I hope that the renovation and the rental will be in the same dynamic.

A, Jersey, Channel Islands, Buyer

Hi Kristjan and Susie. Thank you for all your care for all your clients, plus your polite patience. I so appreciate your professionalism, patience and kindness. And Susie, I really appreciate you checking in with all of us, too, given how many balls you are juggling. Your attention to detail, and actually caring about people, is one of your company’s best assets. My sincerest thanks for everything you’ve both done for us. Kindest greetings to you both, Kate 

Kate, Sydney, Australia, Seller

We’re really loving the apartment. The layout is great and we feel really at home here – this was a great fit for us. We’ve already unpacked all of our bags and the storage/closets are more than enough. Our boxes arrive today, so we should be fully settled after that. Just wanted to say that we’ve been so impressed with Vingt and the ease of this move. We love all the personal touches. We’ve both done alot of moves – I moved over 10 times in NYC alone. And it’s never been like this with any other agency. We keep recommending Vingt to everyone in the expat groups!

Brittany, New York, USA, Tenant

Jovanka has been wonderful with helping us and is so lovely.

Michael S, New York, USA, Tenant

Thank you, Pam! You guys are always such a great help.

Bonnie K, Missouri, USA, Owner

Jovanka, thank you for fixing the problem! Also the vacuum cleaner. You are so sweet and helpful.

Samantha W, Los Angeles, USA, Tenant