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Dear Susie, it’s my pleasure to meet you. I would like to thank you for a very nice apartment during my four-month stay in Paris. I will be back home during the summer break. I hope that I will come back for my studies in September. If that happens, I will ask for your kind support for the long-stay apartment. Once again, thanks a lot for a wonderful stay.

Thanakorn W., renter

Thank you very much, dear Susie. It was an extraordinary experience to meet you and enjoy your exceptional collaboration. We hope to have the opportunity to say thank you in person when next time we visit Paris.

Luc et Ghislaine Bureau, seller

I want to thank you for yet again a wonderful stay in Paris! I’ve had a fabulous month here, in the Abélard and Héloïse flat, at Quai aux Fleurs, on the Île de le Cité. As always, I appreciate your expertise, hard work and help in making this a wonderful holiday!

Brian M, renter

I found Susie to be a pleasant, professional and very straightforward Scot.

Mark P, renter

Jan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very professional and friendly service over the past three years. I just hope our new agent is as good.

Jan, renter

Thank you for making the Paris living experience so easy and stress-free. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine.

Anon, renter

Work is crazy with long hours, travel and lots to do but the flat and its location are both superb. A haven! Thanks.

Nick, renter

In general, I’m extremely happy with the project. Thanks for asking. The neighborhood is great; from a non-Parisophile perspective, it strikes the right balance. It’s a bit cool/trendy but does not at all carry the usual pretentious/annoying baggage. Kind of punk rock, you could say. Plus, if you’ve not seen the transformation of place Stalingrad, you should go check it out before the sun stops shining. Inside, with the money I’ve been able to dedicate to it, I think that I’ve made some smart changes that make the place much more attractive

Michael D, Buyer

We had a great experience in Paris at rue Saint Paul! Thanks again for your assistance in getting us settled and answering any questions we had. We will definitely be back… and hope to work with you again.:-)

Victor B, renter