We want you to know how much we appreciate all you’ve done for us. I can’t help but feel like we are your most irritating clients ever, but you’ve been so kind and patient with us – I can’t believe it. Thank you for sticking with us.

Matthew Y, Santa Barbara, buyer

This has been a pleasant experience but it would have been a nightmare without your managing the process. Well done! I have just felt so fortunate to have had the benefit of your resources and commitment and then Monte’s artistic talent and management skills. Plus, you are both such warm and nice people. It’s been great to work with you both. So, it’s definitely been a fun and interesting project for me with a great aesthetic outcome. I know from experience that the people involved from the very beginning are what matters for a successful project. Paris is Paris and you can have a great result or a total disaster depending on who you have supporting you in your project. I know I was very lucky to have such great people.

Tim N, USA, buyer

Susie was always quick to reply to questions and her replies were informative, lengthy (in a good way!) and realistic. At two particular points, the company’s services shone through: First when, after two hours of agonising over the shortlist, Susie and one of her associates snapped into action and ultimately found me my apartment from a fresh lead at the last minute. I couldn’t believe that they came up with a result. We only had a half day left but Susie really impressed me with her energetic attitude. Second, I was impressed by Susie’s punctuality. It sounds so small but it’s so important in sending out the right message to a client. Really, the service has been great and I look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time. I feel I still have so much to do!

Ben T, Singapore, buyer

I have to thank you again for finding me this gem. I couldn’t be happier with it, and it is almost completely rented through to mid-October! There were many outstanding aspects to the experience. First and foremost, I liked Susie’s enthusiasm and attentiveness. She listened to me and didn’t consider me a less-worthy client even though I had very little money to spend. Secondly, she ‘got’ me, and as a result I didn’t feel I was wasting my time or had to explain myself. Another exceptional thing was the responsiveness – I always heard back right away, and nothing ‘fell through the cracks.’ Even though I speak French fluently, and lived in Paris for two years, I was not equipped to handle this process on my own.

Laurie P, Los Angeles, buyer

Many thanks once again for all your excellent coordination… I’m so glad I found your card and arranged to meet last summer!

Ann Marie Geraghty, owner

You and Susie are the best; I am quite confident that I am in the right hands! There is an old saying…”in nothing be anxious”. I am enjoying my online property-searching process because I am learning a lot about Paris in the process. Hopefully, when I arrive in Paris in September, I will be a better educated client for you and Susie – which will make our journey together more successful.

Charlotte Whitaker, buyer

Hello Susie, I have until now rented it through friends but it is a hassle since I am not present in France. It is better that you as a professional take on the whole project. Your organisation is very good and I trust you completely.

Helen Molander, renter, seller, buyer

Susie, your real-estate marketing is the best I’ve encountered in Paris. We are closing the purchase of an apartment on rue Charles V in November. If we decide to sell our current apartment at Rue De Jarente, I will let you know in advance. Good luck in all your

Roger J Gendron, buyer