Let me tell you what a wonderful experience it has been enlisting your services in trying to find an apartment. There are three generations of realtors in my family and I could immediately tell that we were in good hands with you. Your professionalism is admirable, your persistence and diligence comforting, and your commitment unsurpassed. There is no doubt that your efforts exceeded our expectations.

Carter M, USA, renter

Susie, thank you so much for all your help in finding me and my family such great accommodations in such a short period of time in Paris. I cannot believe that you were able to help me find something so soon after talking to you! I had been searching for a place on my own for a couple of months and I did not even come close to what you were able to provide. I will be referring you to everyone I know that will be travelling to Paris. Thank you again for all your wonderful help.

Newsha B, Canada, renter

There is absolutely a need for the service you provide. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It’s a special company because Susie adds a personal touch to her work as well as professionalism. I did start with another consultant and I was not impressed. When I switched to you, I had no doubt I had made the right decision. I have already received from a couple of friends comments like: your apartment is in such a great location; how did you pull that off? I was happy to tell them about your services. Thank you so much.

Mary J, USA, renter

Thank you so much for the yummy gift! It was so sweet and thoughtful of you, and you didn’t have to do that. I should be the one thanking you for all of your work. I really am so thankful for your help. It has made this whole move so much more pleasant and easy. I am happier here because of you. Thank you for all your suggestions on phones and museums… I am overwhelmed with all the little things to figure out and having you to answer questions is making things a lot easier, so thank you.

Lauren K, USA, renter

Thank you for the follow-up – our apartment is wonderful! We really enjoyed meeting you and would not have been able to do this without your service. I’ll be sure to mention your agency to other English speakers!

Dr. Jonathan Gourley and Karyn Sonntag, USA, renter

I’ve decided that I would really like to take the apartment on rue Monsieur le Prince near Odeon. It’s a wonderful space, and the location is ideal. Thanks for getting things arranged so early. I never imagined it would work out this well.

Chris H, USA, renter

Searching for the right home in any foreign city can be a challenge. So, amongst a tight network of Parisiennes, I was very stressed out. Thankfully, though, Susie Hollands is amazing! Somehow, she found me the most fabulous apartment in the 8th – exactly what I asked for: a beautiful building (grand foyer, modern appliances etc)… and with a terrace! All this, just steps away from Parc Monceau – and still affordable! Having lived in New York, Los Angeles and Milan, I have cosmopolitan standards, but Susie Hollands is a dream come true – and I dare say makes the apartment search a fun experience. Susie exemplifies the consummate professional and I would recommend her without reservation.

Jennifer S, Los Angeles, renter

Thank you so much for your help during my stay – your quick responses to my questions have made me feel confident about the service that you and your company provide. I wish I would return to Paris for a visit in the near future. As my great thanks to you, I would like to give you the chocolate showpiece that I made in school. I hope that it can serve as a decoration in your home or in your office. The showpiece represents long hours of my hard work and I would like to give it to someone special. Again, it’s my pleasure to get to know you and I wish you all the best and good luck in your business.

Yannie T, New York, renter