Craig Hanna

Posted on June 24, 2011 by Susie Hollands

Craig Hanna is an artist.

1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit?
Meeting Laurence Esnol.

2. Earliest Paris memory?
I remember being in London at age 20 having been away from America for almost a year. I booked a flight home through Paris and went by boat from Dover to Calais. Coming into the Gare du Nord on an old open window train at sunset, seeing the high ceilings of the station looking like a painting by Monet, made me shiver with excitement.

3. Best neighbourhood you’ve ever lived in?
Well technically living in Saint-Germain, three seconds from the Café de Flore should have been mine and anyone’s favourite neighbourhood – BUT. I just moved to Château Rouge and wouldn’t change it for the world.

4. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Paris?
At my house. I do a mean magret de canard.

5. Sexiest moment you’ve had in Paris?
My girlfriend once surprised me with a birthday night at L’Hotel (the Oscar Wilde one). Great bar and a private hammam / pool you can book.

6. What do you hate most about living in Paris?

7. Who’s your favourite Parisian — be they living or dead, real or fictional?
Laurence Esnol, although she is originally from Normandy.

8. Favourite cinema?
Any old one is ok. Odéon is fine.

9. Right bank or left bank? And why?
Which is which again? It always seems north or south to me rather than left and right.

10. Favourite Caviste?
I have a great one on rue Ramey in the 18th where I live. Otherwise 8 À Huit for a can of Leffe.

11. Where do you go to escape the city?
I have a buddy who has a house in Rambouillet; also Granville in Normandy. A bike ride on the Seine as far as I can go is also cool.

12. Where are the best looking girls or boys in Paris and why?
Saint-Germain is on fire.

13. Where do you get your news?
The big newspapers tell you what you already know, it’s better to try to get closer to the source. The internet can help but you have to always question the source.

14. Favourite museum?
Well, the best paintings are in the Louvre, but in terms of actual spaces, probably the Jacquemart-Andre is a better place to actually enjoy paintings. Plus the cafe is great.

15. Favourite shop?
There is a monastery shop on rue Pont Louis XVsomething, Monastica I think.

16. Who’s the most stylish Paris personality?
Laurence Esnol.

17. What is your favourite film that is set in Paris?
Les Miserables, or The Bourne Supremacy.

18. What about Paris most inspires you?
Seeing all the great sculptures and the great architecture of the 19th century gives me a thrill. Also seeing all the windows light up across the street from me in the 18th.

19. What makes someone a Parisian?
Smoking is essential, bad nerves a must, the inability to be on time, long talks with strangers about personal philosophy.

20. What’s your favourite French word? (Swear words allowed!)