6th Arrondissement

St. Germain

The 6th arrondissement is one of the most culturally significant hubs in the world. From artists and existentialists to musicians and politicians, the heart of Paris’ Left Bank has played host to some of the greatest intellectuals of all time – most of whom flocked to Saint Germain for elegant socialising at the likes of our beloved Café de Flore.

This artistic reputation has defined the 6th as a popular port of call for Parisians today – old or young, expat or native – but that’s not to say that the original charm is lost. In fact, it’s the opposite. Paris’ 6th arrondissement thrives off its artistic charm, still completely visible in all corners: be it cafés, gardens, galleries or boutiques.

So, herewith, VINGT’s guide to get you started. Just make sure you have a book to hand when you immerse yourself in this intellectual society.

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Maison Gainsbourg

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Chez Papa Jazz Club

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Café de Flore

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Les Deux Magots

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Jardin du Luxembourg

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Hôtel Lutetia

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