Nice work if you can get it…

The jewel in the crown of the Côte d’Azur, Nice continues to sparkle with its beguiling mix of seaside splendour, artistic heritage and great gastronomy – and much more besides… Read more

Café Hugo reopens in the Marais following an extensive renovation project

Words & Image: Sarah Breathnach

Set in the opulent surroundings of the 17th-century place des Vosges, perched on the corner of Rue du Pas de la Mule beneath the vaulted arcades, Café Hugo reopened its doors to the public this… Read more

20 Summer

1. Make friends with someone with a terrasse 2. Headscarf 3. Killer sundress from Claudie Pierlot 4. Latest Maison Kitsuné playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud 5. Organic sorbets at Jardin du Luxembourg 6. Umbrellas for those… Read more

Saint Malo

Text: Susie Hollands Images: Cristian Bortes Swashbuckling Saint Malo is a cute place to go for a quick seaside break! Inside the walled medieval citadel (intra muros) is the place to stay for maximum pirate… Read more


Text: Susie Hollands Images: Moritz P and Alex Janssen Everything in Aix is close and walkable which, along with the warm and laid-back Southern vibe, makes it a very relaxing destination. Search for the Dolphin… Read more

Languedoc Roussillon – Pézenas, Narbonne and Nîmes

Words: Susie Hollands Images: Tony Tidswell, Susie Hollands PÉZENAS Pézenas is a fascinating medieval town – from the 16th and 17th centuries it was the capital city of the Languedoc region, between Montpellier and Beziers.… Read more

A Tale of Two Cities – VINGT Paris featured in Sunday Times

“Twenty years after the launch of Eurostar, thousands of Britons are dividing their lives between London and Paris, with a home in each. Susie Hollands, founder of VINGTParis, has helped many frontaliers to find a… Read more


Words: Susie Hollands Images: Susie Hollands and La Mirande Perhaps best known for its annual theatre festival, the light that captivated impressionist Vincent Van Gogh during his convalescence, and of course that bridge – Avignon… Read more

VINGT Paris’ Top 10 Tips to Buy Property in Paris

Before your search: Take a long-term view based on your personal circumstances, the financing required, how much personal use to reserve and how much rental time to allow (if any) and whether you plan to… Read more

Basic Sales Process Details

If you decide to purchase property in France, you will first want to determine the amount of money you can borrow. You can do this by either visiting one or more banks that lend to Non-Residents,… Read more

Need to know: Obtaining Finance

HOW MUCH CAN I AFFORD? This will depend upon several factors: How much you are able to borrow; The period over which you intend to repay your mortgage; Your existing mortgage, loans and other commitments.… Read more

Need to know: Property Financing and Purchase Glossary

When buying a property in France, it’s useful to know a few key words in the local language. agent immobilier estate agent acompte deposit acte authentique de vente deed of sale apport personnel down payment… Read more

French Real Estate Glossary

ANCIEN: older building APPARTEMENT: apartment ASCENSEUR: elevator/lift ASSEMBLÉE DES COPROPRIÉTAIRES: general meeting of owners BALCON: balcony BUANDERIE: laundry room BONNE DISTRIBUTION: well laid-out floor plan BOX: parking BUREAU: study/office CARACTÈRE: character, something unusual… CARRELAGE: ceramic… Read more

Need to know: Financing in France

The answer is a straightforward yes, and no strings attached. This is so true that foreign real estate companies buy French real estate every time the market plunges. The second question that comes up is… Read more

Need to know: La Loi Alur

As of 27 March 2014, the Alur Law has been passed by the French government. Below is a summary of the changes to the legislation that may affect building and home owners. Charges: For lease… Read more

Mortgage application – documents required by a French bank

It can be quite hard to understand the cautious approach of French banks and their completely different attitude to borrowing and lending than in other countries. When applying for a mortgage, here are the documents… Read more

Chinatown(s) in Paris

Image: Passion Leica Where to go if you wanting to discover Paris’ most Asian-influenced areas – restaurants and shops to fill your stomachs and pantries with the best of the East. Nouveau Chinatown: The 3rd;… Read more

Need to know: Inheritance laws

When you purchase a property in France, French inheritance laws apply to that property. These laws, which are very different from the Separate Estates laws in other countries, can have an impact on the use… Read more

Luxury Paris Property Report Q1 2014

The European economy is experiencing a long cycle of economic crisis. Government approval of a number of policies and tax measures have an impact on French and international investors, both psychologically and in terms of… Read more

Need to know: Buying a house as a group

CAN A NUMBER OF PEOPLE BUY A HOME TOGETHER ? French homes may be purchased on an individual or on a collective basis. However, if you intend to buy a home collectively, all buyers will… Read more

Need to know: Insurance

Make sure that you are properly insured while living in France, where personal insurance is a legal requirement for a number of cases. The French insurance market offers a wide choice of companies and policies… Read more

20 Nightlife

1. Rosa Bonheur 2. Nouveau Casino 3. Social Club 4. La Maroquinerie 5. Silencio 6. Wanderlust  7. Le China 8. Rex Club 9. L’International 10.Le Divan du Monde 11. Concrete 12. Favela Chic 13. Le… Read more

20 Films Set in Paris

1. 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle, (Godard, 1967) 2. Les Quatre Cent Coups, (Truffaut, 1959) 3. Hotel du Nord, (Carné, 1938) 4. Nikita, (Besson, 1990) 5. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, (Jeunet,… Read more

20 Cinémas

    1. La Pagode 2. La Geode 3. Studio 28 4. Studio Galande 5. La Cinémathèque 6. La Grand Rex 7. La Peniche Cinema 8. Max Linder Panorama 9. Le Champo 10. Beaugrenelle 11.… Read more

20 French Sex Symbols (Les Hommes)

1. Abelard 2. Camille Lacourt 3. Bel-Ami (Georges Duroy) 4. Jean Gabin 5. Serge Gainsbourg 6. Alain Delon 7. BHL (Bernard-Henri Lévy) 8. Vincent Cassel 9. Omar Sy 10. Louis Garrel 11. Romain Duris 12. Dominique de… Read more

20 Sex Symbols (Les Femmes)

1. Marion Cotillard 2. Audrey Tautou 3. Mélanie Laurent 4. Berenice Bejo 5. Laetitia Casta 6. Eva Green 7. Jeanne Moreau 8. Brigitte Bardot 9. Catherine Deneuve 10. Carla Bruni 11. Arielle Dombasle 12. Rachida Dati 13. Sophie Marceau 14. Clémence Poésy… Read more

Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur

Deauville’s casino and beaches have long held an allure for the ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’ crowd. From Coco Chanel, Colette and back again to Francois Sagan, since the fin de siècle wealthy thrill-seekers… Read more

Loire Wine Tour with La Cucina di Terresa

Join Terresa Murphy for a day-long visit to the home and vineyards of one of her many natural winemaker friends in the Loire Valley. The winemaker will warmly greet you at the door and invite… Read more

20 Surrealist

1. Théâtre de l’Oeuvre, 9e 2. Square Laurent Prache homage to Guillaume Apollinaire, 6e 3. Théâtre de la Huchette, 5e 4. Essaion, 4e. 5. Centre Pompidou, 4e. 6. Place Dauphine, 1er 7. Le quartier Saint-Merri,… Read more

20 Jardins et Squares

1. Jardin des Tuileries 1er 2. Square du Temple 3e 3. Place des Vosges 4e 4. Jardin des Plantes 5e 5. Jardins du Trocadéro 16e 6. Square René Viviani 5e 7. Square Louise Michel 18e… Read more

20 Parisian Vices

1. UHT milk 2. Asking how much rent you pay 3. Bread with every meal 4. Café and cafés 5. Road rage (from car or bike) 6. Crêpes 7. Picard 8. Speaking with their hands… Read more

20 Fragrances

1. Diptyque 34 boulevard Saint Germain 5e 2. Chantecaille 42 Avenue Montaigne, 8e 3. L’Artisan Parfumeur 2 rue de l’Amiral de Coligny, 1er 4. IUNX 48/50, rue de l’Université, 7e 5. Serge Lutens Jardins du… Read more

20 Movie Locations

1. Passage d’enfer, 14e: (Jean-Luc Godard’s À bout de souffle) 2. Hotel Raphael, 16e (Gilles Mimouni’s L’appartement) 3. rue de Lappe, 11e (Christophe Honoré’s Les chansons d’amour) 4. Pont de Bir-Hakeim, 15e (Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango… Read more

20 Street Names

1. rue du Chat qui Pêche 2. rue des Mauvais Garçons 3. rue d’Écosse 4. rue des Boulets 5. rue des Deux Boules 6. rue des Petites Écuries 7. rue des Cinq Diamants 8. rue… Read more

20 Bien-être

1. Hammam 2. River and park picnics 3. Vintage fashion and furniture 4. Public transport and Vélib 5. Plant-based skincare and cosmetics 6. Produits du terroir 7. Bringing your own bags to the market 8.… Read more

20 Pâtisseries

1. Eclair 2. Religieuse 3. Paris Brest 4. Tarte au citron meringuée 5. Opéra 6. Gateaux Orientale 7. Buche de Noël 8. Canelé Bordelais 9. Financier 10. Croissant 11. Pain au chocolat 13. Chausson aux… Read more

20 L’Automne

1. Squash and figs at the market 2. Nuits Blanches art festival 3. The Festival d’Automne 4. Keeping warm with chocolat chaud or mulled wine 5. Vide-Greniers and Brocantes 6. Having an excuse to eat rich,… Read more

20 Specialty Museums

1. Musée d’histoire de la Médicine 2. Musée du Parfum 3. Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature 4. Musée Jacquemart André 5. Musée des Arts et Metiers 6. Musée Eugène Delacroix 7. Mémorial… Read more

20 Breads

1. La Fougasse, 3e 2. Du pain et des idées, 10e 3. Poilane, 6e, 15e 4. La Gambette à Pain, 20e 5. Au levain du Marais, 3e 6. Pain d’Epis, 7e 7. La flûte Gana, 11e… Read more

20 Art Bookstores

1. Artazart, 10e 2. Librairie des Archives, 3e 3. Artcurial, 8e 4. Iconofolio / Le Livre d’art, 12e 5. Art et Littérature, 14e 6. Librairie Ambiphoque, 5e 7. Courant d’Art, 6e 8. Bookstorming, 3e 9.… Read more

20 Paris Essentials

1. Navigo 2. Cigarettes 3. Scarf 4. Paris Pratique 5. Moleskin / Diary 6. Smart phone 7. Flats / walking shoes 8. Canvas bag / basket 9. Lamy pen 10. Loose change for a quick… Read more

20 Expressions Françaises

1. Etre à la bourre To be running late 2. Avoir un coeur d’artichaud To be sensitive/fall in love easily 3. Tomber dans le panneau To be mislead 4. Pleurer comme une madeleine To cry… Read more

20 Cavistes

1. Caves Bossetti, 34 rue des Archives 4e 2. Bacchus et Ariane, 4 rue Lobineau 6e 3. Crus et Decouvertes, 7 rue Paul Bert 11e 4. Le Baron Rouge, rue Theophile Gauthier 12e 5. Au… Read more

20 Marchés

1. Aligré featuring Beauvau covered market, 12e 2. Enfants Rouges, rue de Bretagne 3e 3. Montorgueil, rue Montorgueil 2e 4. Marché Exotique Château Rouge, rue Dejean 18e 5. Poncelet, rue Poncelet 17e 6. Ordener, rue Ordener… Read more

20 Old School

1. Bérets 2. Pétanque 3. Piano accordions 4. Fountain pens 5. La Poste 6. Perfectly coiffed hair 7. Chess 8. Peugeot bicycles 9. Fedoras 10. Saint James striped shirts 11. Coco Chanel style trousers 12.… Read more

20 Special Streets and Villages

1. Quartier Mouzaïa, 19e 2. Buttes aux Cailles, 13e 3. Batignolles, 17e 4. Rue des Martyrs, 9e 5. Gros Caillou, 7e 6. Ledru Rollin – Marché Aligre 12e 7. Haut Marais / Rue de Bretagne,… Read more

20 Danger!

1. Missing the last metro home 2. Heels on cobblestones 3. Sacre Coeur pickpocket petition scams 4. Cycling the rond-point Bastille 5. Sales clerks on the Rue St Honoré 6. Strikes 7. Side stepping streams… Read more

20 Piscines

1. Joséphine Baker, Quai Francois Mauriac, 13e 2. Le Ritz Health Club, 15 Place Vendôme, 1er 3. Hébert, 2 rue des Fillettes, 18e 4. d’Auteuil, Bois de Boulogne, 16e 5. Hôtel Costes K, 81 Avenue… Read more

20 Terraces

1. Café Marly, 1e 2. Café Suedois, 4e 3. Les Berges de la Seine, 8e 4. Les Deux Magots, 6e 5. Le Perchoir, 11e 6. Stolly’s, 4e 7. Chez Prune, 10e 8. Andy Wahloo, 3e… Read more

20 Parisian Labels

1. The Kooples 2. Zadig & Voltaire 3. Antoine & Lilli 4. Surface to Air 5. April 77 6. Manoush 7. Isabel Marant 8. A.P.C. 9. Sandro 10. Maje 11. Sonia Rykiel 12. Claudie Pierlot… Read more

20 Bars

1. La Perle 2. Le Mary Celeste 3. Sherry Butt 4. Le Tape Bar 5. Moustache 6. L’Entrée des Artistes 7. Le Perchoir 8. Le Dépanneur 9. Pop In 10. Aux Deux Amis 11. Eva… Read more

20 Things to Do Before the Rentrée

1. Park a car, any car, anywhere, because you can 2. Walk through the Tuileries and gawk at the scary rides 3. No-stress at Galeries Lafayette 4. Soak up the ambiences of les vacances, even in… Read more

20 Slang

1. Énorme 2. Quand-même 3. Je m’en fous 4. J’en ai marre 5. Je kiffe 6. Du coup 7. C’est ouf 8. Truc de la tête 9. Meuf 10. Malade 11. Carrément 12. Fait chier… Read more

20 Vintage Clothing Shops

1. Kiliwatch 64 rue Tiquetonne, 2e 2. Freep’star 8 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 20 rue de Rivoli and 61 rue de la Verrerie, 4e 3. Kilo Shop 69-71 rue de la Verrerie, 4e and 125… Read more

20 Boissons

1. Noisette 2. Poire William 3. Champagne 4. Ti-Punch 5. Chocolat chaud 6. Pression 7. Pet’ Nat’ 8. Seize or 1664 9. Menthe à l’eau 10. Get 27 11. Ricard 12. Planteur 13. Rhum arrangé… Read more

20 Street Artists

1. LMDLDZR (Le Module de Zeer) 2. Bonom 3. Philippe Boudelocque 4. Fred le Chevalier 5. Jérôme Mesnager 6. M.Chat 7. André 8. BOMK 9. KASHINK 10. JonOne 11. Grems 12. TomTom 13. Diamant 14.… Read more

Little Jaffna – métro La Chapelle

Image: Flickr In “Little Jaffna“, around metros Gare du Nord, La Chapelle, and Louis Blanc, you’ll find shops selling handmade Saris (Saree Palace, 182 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis), cheap and cheerful supermarkets, jewellery shops, Indian… Read more

VINGT Paris as a Buyer’s agent

VINGT Paris also acts as a property acquisition specialist.  In this case, we don’t work for the property seller.  We work for you, the buyer. We only search to fulfil demand. What our clients want,… Read more

What are the costs aside from the apartment itself?

When the property is chosen we’d recommend a Surveyor visits, an additional budget of 500 euros plus tax. When the pre-sale contract is signed, you’ll transmit 10% of the purchase price (minus agency fees) to… Read more

St. Germainer

You remember your time at the Sorbonne as a student, of your nights on Mouffetard and chanting «étudiants, travailleurs, même combat!» but culture needn’t be sacrificed for egalité, fraternité, liberté, n'est-ce pas? Read more


There is no better breakfast than bread and a smoke. The stomach can't handle more at that hour. Voilà quoi! There's nothing to it. You get up, you go to work, you come home, you… Read more

Old Paris

This post is now redirected below to a Page with Posts – see below It is still required for the homepage central images The old mapping is here for reference Mapping courtesy of Read more

Le People

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Fashion Kid

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This post is now redirected below to a Page with Posts – see below It is still required for the homepage central images The old mapping is here for reference Mapping courtesy of Read more

Should I Buy to Rent as an Investment?

Your investment objectives will determine where you decide to buy. There may be 20 arrondissements in Paris but we do not recommend all of them! The majority of our clients choose to rent the apartment… Read more

Terresa Murphy

Terresa Murphy is the founder of La Cucina di TerrESa. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? Castles and cobblestones and… 2. Earliest Paris memory? Receiving a bottle of champagne in my… Read more

Elliot Barnes

  Elliott Barnes is an architect. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? A reading of Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. 2. Earliest Paris memory? When I was six years old. 3. Best… Read more

20 Glaciers

Image: Wally Gobetz 1. Amorino 12 stores around Paris 2. Christian Constant 37, rue d’Assas, 6e 3. Mister Ice 6, Rue Descombes, 17e 4. Gelati d’Alberto 12, rue des Lombards 75004 and 45, rue Mouffetard, 5e 5. La Tropicale… Read more

Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen

Author and Founder of Prissy Mag, Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen has been living and writing in Paris since 1999. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? It was a love story. I was living… Read more

Daniella Busarello

  Daniella Busarello is a Brazilian architect and designer. Photo: Ana Clara Garmendia 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit?   Nowadays I believe that it happened in my childhood. When I was… Read more

Sue Rynski

  Sue Rynski is a photographer. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My Dad’s job brought my family here in the early seventies. I fell in love with Paris, did part… Read more

John Agee

John Agee is a jewelry designer. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My inspiration was twofold: as a jewelry designer, I wanted to open my first shop here, but I was… Read more

What is the Real Estate Agency fee and who pays for it?

Estate Agency fees if required are normally included in the purchase price of the property. In effect, both the buyer and the seller pay the agency commission because it is part of the sales price.… Read more

How long does it take to get my Paris pad?

First and foremost we are very flexible to your needs – our clients have busy schedules. Those based overseas often ask us to liaise with them remotely after an earlier meeting in Paris, or by… Read more

Meet the Notaire

Many of VINGT Paris’ US clients are surprised when they find out that Notaires have a (virtual) monopoly on property transactions. I think it’s because they think that a Notaire is the same as a… Read more

Promesse de Vente – going into contract

The Promesse de Vente is the first formal and legally binding stage in the property purchase process in France. It is a written contract of sale agreement which legally binds together the seller and purchaser.… Read more

Your mortgage acceptance as condition of the Promesse de Vente

In the Promesse de Vente we usually request that the purchase be subject to a conditional clause (“clause suspensive”) which lays out the minimum terms of a loan that you are willing to accept to… Read more

How can I sign a document if I don’t understand French?

We are often asked this question and the language issue is naturally a very important one to address. Contracts and agreements must be drafted in French in order to be valid under French law. We work… Read more

Beth Arnold

Beth Arnold is a journalist and award-winning writer living in Paris. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? The first time I came to Paris, I was 19 years old, and I… Read more

Apartment building management – The Syndic

In France, properties with common elements (whether a building, amenities or land) shared with other properties are owned outright through a system called ‘co-ownership’ (copropriété), similar to owning a condominium in the US. The owners… Read more

Sylvia Whitman

Sylvia Whitman is the proprietor of book shop Shakespeare & Co. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My Father George Whitman. 2. Earliest Paris memory? Standing on a street grid and… Read more

Hannu Karjalainen

Hannu has worked full-time as an artist since 2005, and has since then had numerous exhibitions in his native Finland and abroad. Working mainly with video and photography, his “artist studio” is his sketchbook itself, which… Read more

Anne Ditmeyer

Anne Ditmeyer is a graphic designer and communications consultant based in Paris, and author of the travel meets design blog, Prêt à Voyager. Photo courtesy: Caitlin E. Earley 1. What initially inspired you to move… Read more

Nicole Garton

Nicole Garton created the Ingénue Interview series appearing in the Huffington Post, contributed an anecdotal guide to early 20th Century Paris to Schnock: la revue des Vieux de 27 à 87 ans, No. 1 and translated the 5th issue of la revue “J’aime beaucoup ce… Read more

Harriet Alida Lye

Harriet Alida Lye is a writer and editor-in-chief of Her Royal Majesty, an international literary and arts review. Originally from Canada, she fell in love with Paris while studying at the AUP and decided to move… Read more

Jennifer Hutt

    Jennifer Hutt is part of the band Faren Khan. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit?  To escape from the hood. 2. Earliest Paris memory? The Pop In…and meeting musicians… Read more

Kartik Singh

Kartik Singh is a screenwriter and director living in the 15th.  Of Indian heritage, he was raised in the US and moved to Paris in 1996 to study film and never left. He received a… Read more

Mathieu Miljavac

  Mathieu Miljavac is a taxidermist residing in Paris. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? When I was 18, I moved here to start literature studies. I didn’t realize when I… Read more

Melissa Unger

Melissa Unger is the founder of Seymour, an initiative dedicated to cultivating creativity and imagination. Melissa is also a freelance consultant and frequently interviews contemporary artists for artnet. 1. What initially inspired you to move… Read more

Adam Biles

Adam Biles is a writer and translator. His novella Grey Cats was a finalist for the Paris Literary Prize. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? The need to get away from… Read more

Lorna Shaddick

  Lorna Shaddick is a journalist and presenter with France 24. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My boyfriend got a job out here – and then I did too! We’re… Read more

Craig Hanna

Craig Hanna is an artist. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? Meeting Laurence Esnol. 2. Earliest Paris memory? I remember being in London at age 20 having been away from America… Read more

Eve Jackson

Eve Jackson presents the Culture show daily on France 24. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? I wanted an adventure. 2. Earliest Paris memory? Looking out of my window and seeing… Read more

Marc Holzman

Marc Holzman is a certified Anusara Yoga instructor. He teaches locally and abroad, and online. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? Sister Mary Theresa, my high school freshman French teacher. She… Read more

Joanna Walsh

Joanna Walsh (aka Badaude) is a writer and illustrator. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? The usual things that drive people to Paris – unhappy love affairs, a desire for self-reinvention.… Read more

Alfredo Salazar

  Alfredo Salazar is a photographer. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? Photography, fashion and art. Paris is very important for that!!! 2. Earliest Paris memory? The Alexander McQueen fashion show.… Read more

Naomie Kremer

  Naomie Kremer is an artist. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? Wanderlust, a smattering of high school French, beauty, art, sex, the usual things. 2. Earliest Paris memory? The glamour… Read more

Paule Caillat

  Paule Caillat is a chef and the founder of Promenades Gourmandes. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? I was born and raised here, no choice. 2. Earliest Paris memory? Going… Read more

Dylan Harris

  Dylan Harris is a poet and photographer. His collections include antwerp (wurm press) and the smoke (Knives Forks and Spoons Press). He runs Poets Live, an informal poetry night for visiting poets and locals.… Read more

Thirza Vallois

  Thirza Vallois is the author of Around and About Paris, Romantic Paris and Aveyron, a Bridge to French Arcadia. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My studies. 2. Earliest Paris… Read more

Matthew Rose

  Photo: Olga Mayskaya / Paris Matthew Rose is an American artist. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? I planned to move to Amsterdam from New York in order to live… Read more

Monte Laster

Monte Laster is an American artist and the founder of FACE. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? I was sent here as an assistant missionary for a protestant church. 2. Earliest… Read more

Fabien Larchez

  Fabien Larchez is creator of Meilleur Ami, the publishing house dedicated to male accessories. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My mother / mother’s family from Paris. 2. Earliest Paris… Read more

Christian Moerk

Christian Moerk is a Danish journalist and author. 1. What initially inspired you to move here or visit? My father brought me to Paris when I was 13. He dragged me through museums. But was… Read more

Hotel Thérèse

Text: Susie Hollands Image: Hotel Thérèse Hotel Thérèse is situated in a fabulous quartier of Paris in a typical building from the 18th century looking onto one that is even more exquisite. This 3 star… Read more

Le Petit Paris

Text: Susie Hollands Image: Le Petit Paris Le Petit Paris is a great mid-priced hotel options in one of the most sought after areas of the city. The old Relais de Poste is perfectly situated… Read more

Max Linder Panorama

Text: Chris Holt Max Linder Panorama is one of several classic art deco cinemas concentrated in 9th and 18th arrondissements. Unlike its landmark neighbor, the 3000 seater Rex, Max Linder has an unassuming exterior. Built… Read more

Au Bonheur du Jour

Image: Au Bonheur du Jour An intimate art gallery Au Bonheur du Jour, directly opposite the site of mythic brothel Le Chabanais, is run by dedicated historian of French erotic life – Nicole Canet. The gallery… Read more

Chez Omar

Text: Susie Hollands Image: Ayus Tety Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach, bring cash and be prepared to queue (you can’t reserve in advance). Rest assured its well worth the wait, nowhere does… Read more

Musée Carnavalet

Housed in two former hôtel particuliers, the Musée Carnavalet documents the life and times of Paris, from the middle ages to the present day. There are brocade and tapestry laden interiors from the 17th-19th centuries… Read more

Philip Tonda and Susie Hollands in conversation

A conversation between Susie Hollands, Director of Vingt Paris and founder of Vingt Paris Magazine and Philip Tonda, artist and curator. Philip: When did you first get the idea of creating an artist-in-residence program? Susie:… Read more

Chez Jeannette

This very tatty old bar once frequented students from L’Ecole internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq next door. After a big revamp it became one of the right bank hang-outs for the arty-fashion-gay crowd. The bar… Read more

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine

There is nowhere to live but the city – and if art doesn’t work he plans to “become a chef” – Susie Hollands and Araceli Salgado Pintor meet with banlieusard artist Olivier Kosta-Théfaine. Olivier Kosta-Théfaine… Read more

20 Arnaques (rip-offs)

1. Haircuts 2. Dry cleaning 3. 1€ bathroom entry and 3€ toilet rolls at Printemps 4. Bottled water in restaurants and cafés 5. Pink Lady apples 6. Buddha Bar 7. Zénith 8. Mobicarte 9. Service Plomberie 10.… Read more

20 Puddings

1. Mousse au chocolat – Chez Janou, 4e 2. Tartelette citron – Carl Marletti, 5e 3. Crème brûlée – l’Impasse, 4e 4. Montblanc – Angélina, 1er 5. Crema Catalana – Cave Saint Gilles, 3e 6.… Read more


A “hole in the wall” Ethiopian restaurant in the 11th arrondissement with some outstanding flavors. The main course is served on a single large plate whether you order one or several dishes. Try the Yebeug… Read more


Image: CD Fr The perennial darling of stylists and the fashion crowd, Merci is as good for browsing as actually buying. The 1000m2 multi-level loft comprises a literary café, a florist, a combination of furniture… Read more

Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy

Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy has one of Paris’ most beautiful shop facades. The wooden interior from the 19th century will take you back in time and houses 900 different types of plants to… Read more

Monday evening fresh food market and veggie baskets

Stanislaus Branle is a producer based near Lyon who supplies fruits and vegetables to some of the city’s restaurants. Each Monday night he sets up a small ‘pop up’ fresh food market, selling out the back… Read more

Rosa Bonheur

Located inside the Buttes-Chaumont park, this bar/restaurant is Paris outside of Paris, an ideal place to go to watch the sun set over the city. You can either sit on the grass with your friends… Read more

20 Maisons de Chocolat

1. Pierre Hermé, 6e 2. Christian Constant, 6e 3. Patrice Chapon, 7e 4. Jean Paul Hévin, 1er 5. La Maison du Chocolat, 8e 6. Marquise de Sévigné, 8e 7. Fouquet, 9e 8. La Petite Chocolaterie,… Read more

20 Poets

  1. Charles Baudelaire 2. Guillaume Appollinaire 3. Arthur Rimbaud 4. Jacques Prévert 5. Robert Desnos 6. Stéphane Mallarmé 7. Victor Hugo 8. Raymond Queneau 9. Jean Cocteau 10. Paul Valéry 11. Charles Péguy 12.… Read more

20 Revolutionaries

1. Joan of Arc 2. Baron Haussmann 3. Marquis de Lafayette 4. Marquis de Sade 5. Léon Blum 6. Marie Curie 7. Thierry Marx 8. Alain Passard 9. Louise Michel 10. Sartre 11. Godard 12.… Read more

Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen

This is one of the best places to go for healthy vegetarian fast-food. Get your wheat-grass drinks and smoothies, and menus including salads and sandwiches at the ‘original’ canal-side location Bob’s Juice. Big brother Bob’s… Read more

20 Cult Parisian Performers / Singers

1. Barbara 2. Edith Piaf 3. Jacques Brel 4. Serge Gainsbourg 5. Juliette Greco 6. Boris Vian 7. Alan Bashung 8. Henri Salvador 9. George Brassens 10. Charles Trenet 11. Marlene Dietrich 12. Grace Jones… Read more

20 Fontaines

1. Jets d’Eau Parc Andre Citroën, 15e 2. La Fontaine des Innocents, 1er 3. La Fontaine des Fleuves et des Mers, 8e 4. La Fontaine Médicis, 6e 5. Les Fontaines aux Lions de Nubie, 19e… Read more


Style and substance is in abundance at this Haut-Marais book store, gallery and general epicentre of good taste. With an amazingly curated choice of art, fashion and design books, as well as a small selection… Read more

A. Zagorski Plant-Based Products

A normal looking pharmacie on the albeit chi-chi rue Jacob. Behind these doors a wealth of the normal fun things you find in a french chemist/drugstore, but there’s more. Mme (Annie) Zagorski, the owner, is… Read more

Réseau Tram

Text: Adrian K. Sanders There’s a lot going on outside the périphérique, but it can be hard to know where to go. Some of the most interesting events and contemporary artists in France are either based or… Read more

20 French Hip Hop Songs

From Old School to New School 1. MC Solaar – Bouge de là 2. IAM –  Je danse le Mia 3. Expression Direkt – Dealer pour survivre 4. Minister Amer – Sacrifice de poulet 5.… Read more

20 Contemporary Art Galleries

Image: Natalie Hegert 1. B*A*N*K 2. Magda Danysz 3. Galerie du Jour Agnès B 4. Almine Rech 5. Thaddaeus Ropac 6. Anne de Villepoix 7. Jousse Entreprise 8. Air de Paris 9. Kamel Mennour 10.… Read more

20 Music Venues in Paris

Image: Christophe Cussat-Blanc 1. L’international 2. La Maroquinerie 3. Le Zénith 4. Le Bataclan 5. Gaïté Lyrique 6. Point Ephémère 7. Social Club 8. Rex Club 9. Philharmonie de Paris 10. La Bellevilloise 11. Petit… Read more

Marché des Enfants Rouges

    What do our fellow Parisians think about our city’s oldest market* ? The hedge fund controller says: “First we can find you. Second you’re multicultural.” The graphic designer says: “The italian shop /… Read more

20 Bottled Water

Image: Pascal Terjan 1. Evian 2. Volvic 3. Vittel 4. Badoit 5. Perrier 8. San Pellegrino 9. Contrex 10. Taillefine 11. Cristalline 12. Vichy 13. Quézac 14. Rozana 15. Nestlé Aquarel 16. Wattwiller 17. Valvert… Read more

20 Produits Pharmaceutiques

1. Nurofen (ibuprofen) 2. Nuxe (natural but slick skincare) 3. Biafine (wonder multi-use cream) 4. Bion (powerful vitamins) 5. Doliprane (fever medicine) 6. Caudalie (grape-based skincare) 7. Phyto (plant-based hair products) 8. La Roche-Posay (sensitive… Read more

Breizh Café

Walking down Rue Vieille du Temple on a crisp Sunday afternoon, I spotted Breizh Café. The atmosphere looked so warm and inviting from the outside, I let myself in to indulge in a hot crepe.… Read more

20 Bons Plans

1. The steel bridge at Canal St. Martin 2. Little Italy on rue Montorgueil 3. Looking down on Paris from the Parc Belleville 4. La Belle Hortense 5. Your local Mairie 6. Cinématèque Française 7. Bois de… Read more

Anahi, South Argentinian Cuisine

  Image by Susie Hollands Recently given a facelift by the crew behind ‘La Jeune Rue’ and designer Maud Bury, the new Anahi is a slick, modern eatery that has kept its Argentine roots with… Read more

Pink Flamingo Pizza

Creative flavor combinations, made with delicious super-fresh ingredients and sporting clever names like the Basquiat, the Bjork and the Ghandi, served in a cheerful, kitsch atmosphere. The original location is a stone’s throw from the… Read more


Image: Flickr Looking for a Paris souvenir that has it all, then head over to Fragonard. Founded in 1926 in Grasse, France’s perfume capital, the shop sells loads of fabulously chic yet reasonably priced items:… Read more

JM Video – last video shop standing?

Image: Susie Hollands Hark back to a time when your favourite films were not accessible at the click of a button. JM Video has survived (so far!) the internet age and is one of the oldest video… Read more

Breakfast in America

A 50s diner, no big deal – but a 50s diner in the midst of Paris offers a surreal, Lynch-like experience. Brunch Transatlantic style (pancakes, bacon, eggs, a “Bottomless Mug O’Joe”…) is served at all… Read more

Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

This hotel (in a house that once belonged to the Hermés family) features five suites (4 junior, one deluxe) and two large bedrooms by renowned contemporary artists; owner and manager Morgane Rousseau is a well-known… Read more

Le Volets Bleus Chambres d’hôte – Biarritz Pays Basque

Not in Paris but worth the trip to the South is Les Volets Bleus, situated about 4km from Biarritz in one of the most beautiful villages of the Pays Basque, Arcangues. Like the British concept… Read more

Jean-Vier Linen

Image: Jean-Vier Jean-Vier linen is part of the heritage of the Pays Basque, where in the olden days fabric was cultivated and woven to create SAÏAL, a strong fabric cover used to protect the cattle… Read more

The Centre Musical Fleury-Goutte d’Or-Barbara

The Centre musical Fleury-Goutte d’Or-Barbara aims to accompany artists, and schedule, coordinate and broadcast slam, rock, pop, reggae, rap, funk, R&B, gospel, electronic music, popular French music and blues.  With a surface area of 1,500… Read more

Pierre Hardy

Shoe designer Pierre Hardy has achieved something incredible, his shoes are sexy and comfortable, the mark of a genius! This former accessories designer for Hermès has a sense of the elegant without being stuffy and… Read more

Pierre Hermé Patisserie

Image: Flickr Undoubtedly one of Paris’ most famous pâtissiers – the macarons are the most celebrated offering but the whole selection and presentation is delicious.  Constantly updating his flavours means there is real innovation.  Some… Read more

Porthault – Fine Linens

  Image: Jan Marlyn Reeseman Jackie O, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn were Porthault addicts. If you enjoy getting up close and personal with high thread count bedsheets follow in their kitten heeled footsteps down… Read more

La Belle Hortense

  A Marais go-to, this bar is famously the place where Catherine Millet’s “La Vie Sexuelle de Catherine M” was launched.  Combining books (it’s also a librairie) and wine is a classic French combination, plus there… Read more

Serge Lutens

Stroll into the wonderful Palais Royal, a few steps from the Louvre but quite off the tourist beat; in the Galerie de Valvois running down one side is Les Salons du Palais Royal. Here you… Read more

Studio Le Regard du Cygne

Studio Le Regard du Cygne encourages research, experimentation, creation and dialogue between amateurs and professionals.  Specifically created for a community of dancers and choreographers in the 1980s by Amy Swanson and Fabrice Dugied, the first… Read more

Cité Universitaire

Cité U ‘s eclectic campus houses around 5000 foreign university students, researchers, artists and trainees of around 132 different nationalities.  Spread over 34-hectares of wooded grounds 37 houses, foundations or colleges, each with its own… Read more

Calligrane Stationery

Calligrane is devoted to beautifully manufactured writing implements and paper, but you can also find briefcase and desk essentials as well as special papers from far-away lands and notebooks covered in ostrich skin. Calligrane 4-6… Read more

Thé Mariage Frères

Image: Robyn Lee This famous company carries exclusive teas with great packaging and a huge range of flavours. Try Thé du Nil or “Marco Polo” (mélange parfumé fruité). Not only is it a fantastic place… Read more

Le Georges V Four Seasons Hotel

Image: Pierre Numérique Le Georges V is a fabulous art déco landmark hotel dating from 1928, just off the Champs Elysées. This meeting place for business or perhaps pleasure is the favoured spot of well-heeled… Read more

François-Truffaut Cinema Library

The François-Truffaut cinema library in the Forum des Halles, is part of the architectural project “avenue du Cinéma” which also includes the redesigned Forum des Images cinema. The centre is part of the network of… Read more

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme

The Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme is the successor to the Musée d’art Juif de Paris, established in 1948 by a private association to pay homage to a culture that had been destroyed by… Read more

Le "Mini Palais" au Grand Palais

Image: Grand Palais This restaurant sits slinking under the colonnades of Le Grand Palais when. With its contemporary décor and cuisine, by triple starred Eric Frechon and Stéfane d’Aboville, it’s a hit with those searching for… Read more

Chez Le Libanais

Image: Serge Melki  Lebanese cuisine is a favorite in Paris.  Lebanon was a French UN mandate from the end of WWI until WWII, (Beirut was nicknamed of “Paris of the East”) and the cuisine has… Read more

Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard

Image: Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard This space shows young French contemporary artists and curators working in the field of plastic arts.  Exhibitions are accompanied by a programme of talks and discussions in the evenings, conferences and… Read more

Ze Kitchen Galerie

  Image: Alain Bisotti A burst of colour and invention in a world of heavy sauces and (well-loved but) dull staples of French Cuisine.  Sometimes one yearns for something more fresh, light and modern in… Read more

Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts

The Ecole des beaux-arts is Paris’ prestigious Fine Arts academy. At the end of their period of study, students receive a diploma (diplôme national supérieur d’arts plastiques), after presenting their work to a jury largely… Read more

Fondation Cartier

The Fondation Cartier – one of the many Paris museums dedicated to contemmporary art – puts on consistently good shows and invests in young artists, as well as some more established international names. The beautiful building… Read more

Jeu de Paume

Focusing on photography, video and film, the Jeu de Paume also offers talks, lectures and courses in addition to its always engaging program of exhibitions. Originally the royal tennis courts, this light and airy museum is… Read more

Parc de la Villette

Image: Martyn Davis In the Parc de la Villette, which was the site of Paris’ old abattoir, you’ll find a multitude of things to do.  The area was part of a local urban regeneration plan… Read more

Aux Crus de Bourgogne

Image: Aux Crus de Bourgogne Want to eat where the Parisians do? This is the place – a bistro dating from 1900. More foie gras and lobster than you can shake a stick at. Aux… Read more

La Musardine

Paris’ erotic bookstore is just the thing if you feel like some titillation. It’s all here: essays, novels, bande dessinée (French comic strips) and nude and erotic photography, (both gay and straight versions). La Musardine… Read more


A menu of dishes based on the shop’s Spanish hams, cheeses and premium canned goods. Not only does it sell little treats (try the madeleines), but it is also an upscale tapas bar. The main… Read more

La Perle

Image: Aisling Chin-Yee Celebrate your Marais purchases with a stiff drink at La Perle. A Parisian classic, the bar spills out onto the street on balmy summer evenings – after all these years it’s still a place… Read more

Rousset-Gaulejac Joaillier

Simon-Pierre Rosset-Gaulejac carrries on the family tradition of fine jewelery.  His claim to fame – engraving clients’ fingerprints or handwriting on gold necklaces, bracelets, pendants and charms. Rousset-Gaulejac Joaillier 23 Rue Jacob, 6th Ph. 01… Read more


This legendary shop has been crafting signet rings and official decorations since 1803.  One of creations is “Lune de Miel”, a gold disk that can been worn as a bracelet, necklace, pendant or ring. He… Read more

Ecole Ferrandi

It’s a bit like a canteen but the food is divine at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Paris.  There are two restaurants in the same building, Le Premier and Le 28. They… Read more


  A cute Baba-Cool (French for “hippie”) brand from the 70s when their shop began life in Les Halles – it has now evolved, (like those Baba-Cool people) to the chi-chi environs of St-Germain-des-Prés. “Upla”… Read more

Bar Du Plaza Athénée

It’s really sexy inside – a long illuminated bar flanked by Louis XV-style metallic stools and small Murano glass lights above. On the walls are a series of large paintings with frames so deep you… Read more

Librairie Fischbacher

There is a great selection of hard-to-find art books and the best place for anything on “arts premiers” – ancient and indigenous art from around the world. Librarie Fischbacher 33 Rue de Seine, 6th Ph.… Read more

Cinéma au Clair de Lune

Image: Guillaume Mangeret So it seems that the streets have emptied out during the month of August and you can’t find anything to do? Everyone knows Parisians love their films en plein air and so… Read more

Chez Francis Labutte

One of the cutest spots behind the Sacre Coeur in the village-like Lamarck Caulaincourt. A concise, but decent food selection and drinks! A true locals hide-out. Chez Francis Labutte 122 rue Caulaincourt, 18th Ph: 01… Read more

Violette & Co.

Possibly the only Parisian bookstore dedicated exclusive to female homosexuality in all its forms – gay, lesbian and trans. Their tagline is “the bookshop for girls and tomboys” and they stock magazines, novels, reference books,… Read more

Bistro des Peintres

Cute stop-off around Ledru-Rollin, the grand fin-de-siècle interiors and terrace make it a popular choice for locals and visitors to the area. Their food might not be at the same level as other local heavy-hitters,… Read more


Fauchon is one of the best shops to browse for jams, mustards, fine teas and other gourmet treats.  They also have a great cave à vins with helpful staff, a bakery, and a salon de the/restaurant.… Read more


After his original flagship store opened on the Champs Elysées in 1982, Armand Hadida has created quite a fashion empire around Paris. Now you can find a varied ‘en point’ collection of international designers all around… Read more

Paris’ Hammam Steam Baths

Text: Susie Hollands Image: Ed Porras A popular way of winding down in Paris is to hit the Hammam. It’s a type of relaxing steam bath that was imported here from the Maghreb (North Africa)… Read more

Un Regard Moderne

Tiny (about 30m²) bookstore packed to the rafters with the most amazing selection of rare treasures: comics, magazines,  erotic literature and graphic novels – and all this a stone’s throw from the hordes at St… Read more

L’Autour d’un Verre

All the food is completely fresh from local suppliers and the wine is natural. It’s in a great part of town too, behind Bonne Nouvelle and the Grands Boulevards. There is a warren of streets… Read more


Image: Stephen Coles Diptyque was created in 1961 by three friends who were linked by their love of fine arts and fine décor;  Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiana Gautrot and Yves Coueslant.  Their now legendary boutique on… Read more

Jean Bart Bistro

On a budget? This cute and rumbunctious little Breton dive in the Marais might be more about atmosphere, but it’s a rare reasonably-priced option amongst the prime real estate of the Marais. Don’t get it confused… Read more

Chez Paul

Deliciously heavy on the fat content but very atmospheric – it’s as if the gastronomic renaissance in this neck of the woods has happened all around this place.  A great place to take visitors who… Read more

Le Baratin

A meat-focused (sometimes even offal-focused) menu with a killer natural wine list, this is a very sought after address that even after several years remains very hip with the East Parisian bobo crowd who love… Read more

Les Mots à la Bouche

Image: Alain Roy In what was formerly the gay heartland of le Marais (and still is in some ways), this bookshop is dedicated to all things queer, with an emphasis on male homosexuality. A homey… Read more

Le Fanfaron

A kind of locals rock-a-billy dive bar with posters of great musicians all over the nicotine stained walls; Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and other greats. Le Fanfaron 6 Rue de la Main d’Or, 11th Métro:… Read more


Goyard, THE place for travel bags, older than LV, rarer and more desirable. You can’t get much higher than this when it comes to class: try a suitcase that unfolds into a food and water… Read more

Le Café de la Mairie

Played a key role in Christian Vincent’s film La Discrète. More reasonably priced than Café Flore and in a more discreet neighbourhood, this is a very typique Parisian restaurant that appears to have been frozen in… Read more

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre. Need we really say more? Get there early to avoid the queue or even better, head to the nocturnes Wednesday and Friday nights. Read more

Le Bar à Huitres

The saying goes: “Never eat oysters in a month without an ‘R’ in it.” or as P.J. O’Rourke put it “Never serve oysters in a month that has no paycheck in it.” When you have… Read more

Patrick Roger- Chocolatier

Patrick Roger flavours his ganaches with lime, basil, jasmin, quince and Szechuan pepper corns – amongst other things. A mix of classic and innovative, there is something for all tastes here. He also creates chocolate… Read more

Bouillon Racine

Most beautiful art-nouveau decor and a great lunch time prix-fixe. Bouillon is ancient term for brasserie – this one was built in 1906. A tribute to the history of fine dining in this city. Bouillon Racine… Read more

La Palette

Old favourite, popular with Ecole des Beaux-Arts students and the local Galeristes. Bit of fun on the left bank, with lots of chinos and pink sweaters. It is a ‘site classé,’ which means that the… Read more

La Pagode

Photo: Jean-François Chaput A petite folie built in honour of the wife of the entrepreneur who opened Le Bon Marché. In the thirties the building was turned into a movie house that shows international films. It… Read more

Centre Culturel Suisse

The Suisse Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Suisse) is one of the best central locations (in the heart of the Marais) to see unique contemporary art exhibitions. Featuring artists working in forms such as installation, sculpture,… Read more

Little Italy

Image: Little Italy It’s not large but this Italian café next to busy rue Montorgueil offers a haven for anyone starved of decent Italian food, which isn’t as easy to come by as you’d think… Read more

Chez Carmen

A mythic “after” bar for night-owls. Carmen presides over this boisterous and eclectic mix – woe betide anyone who tries to change the music! Part living room part dive bar, this is somewhere where you… Read more

Luminor Hôtel de Ville

  Operating as the Nouveau Latina for many years, this small independent cinema in the Marais has returned to its original name the Luminor Hôtel de Ville – from when it opened in 1914. Its… Read more

Le Petit Marcel

You’ve just seen an exhibition at Pompidou or caught a film at MK2 Beaubourg? This is a good little spot to debrief, grab a coffee, drink or something to refuel. A typical bistro with a… Read more

L’Institut Guerlain

France’s doyenne of Design, André Putnam, renovated the mythic L’Institut Guerlain, which is credited with being the first modern day spa, inaugurated in 1939. Read more

Covered passages of Paris – 2nd arrondissement

Covered passages can be found peppered through the 1st, 2nd, and 9th arrondissements, but if you’re not on the lookout, you can easily miss these beautiful shopping walkways that are perfectly preserved snapshots of Parisian… Read more


The kind of 19th arrondissement dive bar where you never quite know what will happen. It’s guaranteed you’ll have a night full of surprises and get to know the locals. Rock, rap, jazz, electro…even tarot… Read more

Christopher Robin

Ever wondered where Catherine Deneuve comes to have her hair coloured?  You can try and get that essential blonde colour with Christophe. Colorist and creator for the laboratories of L’Oreal Paris, Christophe Robin develops colors… Read more

IUNX Perfumes

You’re unlikely to bump into someone with the same scent while you’re shopping here. Created and conceptualized by father and daughter Francis and Olivia Giacobetti, IUNX carries a wide variety of high range, exotic as… Read more

Librairie Palais De Tokyo

The Palais de Tokyo’s unique book store carries catalogues of the museum’s current exhibitions, artists’ DVDs, coffee-table books, gifts and cards, novels, the latest theoretical opus on contemporary art, and the art, design, lifestyle and… Read more

A Coup de Théatre

A specialist bookstore like only Paris knows how to do – this one stocks an impressive array of volumes relating to the theatre, opera, dance, music, mime and cinema. For those interested in the performing arts,… Read more

Le Plateau

Since January 2002, the Frac Ile-de-France has been in charge of Le Plateau, a contemporary arts centre located near the park Buttes-Chaumont, mixing together arts, dance, and music, with a particular focus on promoting works… Read more

Jean-Paul Hevin – Chocolatier

One of Paris’ top chocolatiers, JP Hevin’s signature store on the rue Saint Honoré, also has a sophisticated Salon de Thé, which is great for a lunch entre copînes, it’s not too expensive. With additional boutiques… Read more


This bookshop is dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and design and you’ll find over 14,000 titles, from France and abroad. They also have a great programme of events, run a small magazine and manage a… Read more

Blonde by Franck Vidoff

Frank has his own parlour dedicated to the art of being blonde – perhaps reminiscent of Marilyn’s dressing room which seems to have been the inspiration. And he takes hair seriously, in an altogether French… Read more

Madame André

In this tiny shop you can buy sexy underwear, high-priced one-off items by trendy French designers and glam-trash jewelry by London duo Tatty-Devine.  More of an NYC or London vibe than Paris.  Madame André’s husband Monsieur… Read more

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

  Self confessed sybarite, Frédéric Malle is the son of the creator of Dior perfumes. He grew up appreciating the good things in life and is now one of the ‘new generation’ of master perfumiers,… Read more


A small concept store on La Butte Montmartre, Spree stocks APC, Isabelle Marant, Cacharel and Commes des Garçons.  Nice selection. Good accessories – bags, shoes, belts and jewellery. 16, rue la Vieuville, 18th Ph. 01 42… Read more

Chantal Thomass

French lingerie with a twist, Chantal Thomass‘ lingerie is hip and seductive with intricate and unique designs. Each piece of lingerie has its own personality. If you’re looking for something to match your corset and… Read more

Moda – designer shoes and bag outlet

You have a passion for shoes and handbags. What, really? Well you’re not the only one in this town. MODA is a clandestine chausseure operation. The exterior windows are stacked high with shoe boxes; the owner… Read more

Les Catacombes

3 to 5 metres deep, 300 km long, the city of Paris is sitting on a lacework of stone, much of which was used as a crypt when cemeteries were at breaking point. Delve deep… Read more

Florence Loewy Books by Artists

A gallery and bookshop dedicated to the documentation of the artistic pursuit. Besides the programme of exhibitions, you’ll find a treasure trove of books and videos from an extensive collection of French and foreign artists.… Read more


Image: Erotokritos Greek-Cypriot designer Erotokritos makes some of the best clothes in Paris. After capturing the Paris Trentaine style he launched a men’s label. Erotokritos studied fine art and textile design in San Francisco and… Read more

Vide Greniers and Brocantes in Paris

This is a type of French garage sale (or car boot/jumble sale if you’re British)– the phrase vide grenier means”attic clearance”.  Read more

Delaville Cafe

The Delaville Cafe is an ex-brothel with its beautiful mosaic ceiling and floor intact. It offers free wireless and is a good pit stop for a drink before catching something at the Grand Rex. 34… Read more

La Bellevilloise

La Bellevilloise in Gambetta is the kind of community-driven performance space Paris excels at. A café, terrace and lots of gigs with local and international acts. La Bellevilloise 19-21 Rue Boyer, 20th Ph: 01 46… Read more

Estelle Ramousse – Made to Measure Hats

The place to have your hat made in Paris. Estelle Ramousse has worked for years in the theatre and has an artist’s eye for the suave and sophisticated, the colourful and eccentric. From a traditional… Read more

Paris’ Best Independent Cinemas

Despite instant movie downloads, France is still a country of moviegoers, and Paris is still the film capital of Europe.  As well as the mega chains UGC and MK2, a number of independent cinemas survive… Read more

La Fourmi

The atmosphere in this bar on the edge of La Butte Montmartre is unlike any other in Paris. This bar/restaurant is named La Fourmi, a tribute to La Fontaine’s famous poem. It’s a big jumble… Read more

Paris Libraries

Image: Matthew Black My world expanded somewhat when I found out about Paris’s libraries. And all for free. There are even specialist Libraries in different arrondissement – 1er Music, 4eme Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, History of… Read more


If you are looking for the ultimate coffee table book, you’ll probably find it here. Along with other sybaritic treats like leather bound suitcases containing bound Assouline editions and one-off jewelry and furnishings. Assouline 35… Read more

Planète Mars

Planète Mars was the scene of many escapades as it is situated right next to the original Vingt Paris Galerie at 25, rue Keller. Efix and Cedric brought their punk sensibilities to this superior pick… Read more

Marché aux Puces/The Best Flea Markets in Paris

Image: Jori Avlis Flea markets are a Paris institution. The love of antiques and vintage items – not to mention the treasure trove that some people with family heirlooms are sitting on – make these… Read more

Robert Clergerie

Heels get ruined here in Paris in no time. Robert Clergerie’s chunky yet elegant collection should help – shops on Rue Cherche-Midi or Rue Grenelle (6eme) and Le Bon Marché (7eme) plus the main department… Read more

The Gardien/Gardienne

The gardien/gardienne is the gentleman or lady who often lives in the Loge (the ground floor apartment of older style Parisian buildings, often adjacent to the entrance foyer) and takes care of cleaning common parts… Read more

20 Paris Literature

Words: Susie Hollands Below is a list of essential Paris reading (the first section you should go out and find tomorrow, the second can wait for your next holiday) compiled after polling friends and clients.… Read more

The size of your apartment – Loi Carrez

The Loi Carrez (named, not for the unit of measurement, but for the minister of housing who introduced the law) is a protective measure for the buyer in France. The sale agreement relating to the… Read more

The Old Navy

Words: Susie Hollands If you are desperate for a drink in the Latin Quarter you can always count on this bar, it’s a mecca for anglophone bar staff from other pubs in central Paris, sells… Read more