Vide Greniers and Brocantes in Paris

Posted on June 2, 2007 by Susie Hollands d7ce3391d3fd2dee594432134a710dae

This is a type of French garage sale (or car boot/jumble sale if you’re British)– the phrase vide grenier means”attic clearance”. 

The main season is in the Autumn and Spring. Prepare to drag assorted bric-a-brac back to your under-sized Parisan apartment. Brocantes take place all year round and are markets for second hand household goods, bric-a-brac and collectables.

It’s always fun to browse these very traditional Parisian events, whether to indulge your inner voyeur, to find some serious collectables or bargains or just to be a part of the event, which normally takes over the entire street!

This site (in French) has information on all upcoming vide greniers and brocantes across France.