Personal Assistant

For the time when you are not in Paris, we also offer a personal assistant service.

VINGT Paris personal assistants are highly professional, discreet and trustworthy. Naturally, they will be happy to undertake everyday tasks, such as receiving deliveries and greeting tradespeople, screening and escorting visitors, making restaurant recommendations and reservations, arranging maid services, booking travel or simply calling a taxi. Furthermore, our concierges can call on all the resources VINGT Paris’ Lifestyle Savoir Faire to ensure that your ‘front desk’ is run to impeccable standards.

Flowers, food, gifts and personal items can be delivered at short notice, while your concierge will be able to arrange everything from a chauffeured limousine to a private helicopter.

VINGT Paris manages a broad range of properties, with everything from studios to large family houses catered for. Services include:

Why not contact us to see how our personal assistant service can benefit your Paris lifestyle.