The dreaded dossier (and how we can help)

IMAGE: Person holding a dossier

Person holding a dossier

It is a fact universally acknowledged that, when it comes to renting an apartment, Paris can be one of the most difficult cities in the world. For one thing, demand here far exceeds supply, so there’s always competition. Then there’s the fact that French landlords tend to favour textbook-perfect Parisian couples with high-flying careers (knowing they can be sure of getting their rent every month). Last but by no means least, there’s also, drum roll, the dreaded dossier – the tome of paperwork that is normally required (more of which in a moment).

But therein lies the beauty of looking for your dream Parisian pad through VINGT Paris. For a start, we have a wide selection of gorgeous apartments on our own books, meaning we can fast-track you to the front of the queue (yes, even past those fancy Parisians…), and you deal only with us. Also, for the dossier itself, we offer a supportive fast-track system to help you through the process.

Still want to go it alone? Okay, well we like to try and help everyone, so here’s the skinny on the documents you’ll ideally want to include in your dossier. Photocopies will suffice but they’ll need to be printed clearly on neat white paper. Right, here we go…

What’s in a dossier?

We should also add that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other documents requested too. The rule of thumb is to get as many of your important documents together as possible, make multiple copies, and then keep them all together in a well-organised binder.

For those going it alone, we wish you the best of luck – and for those who decide to come through VINGT Paris, we look forward to finding you your perfect home very soon!