Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance

There is lots to consider when taking out rental insurance in Paris and/or France.  Here is our helpful guide to show you what needs to be done to protect yourself and your possessions.

1. As tenant of a furnished property, am I obliged to take out an insurance policy?
Yes. The lease obliges you to insure yourself and to give proof of this insurance to the owner or his agency before entering the premises.In addition, in France, you are presumed to be liable for the damage to the item hired; this is rental liability.

2. Doesn’t the insurance policy I have to take out double up on the owner’s one?
No. The owner insures his building and sometimes his furniture nothing more.

3. The owner has informed me that he has taken out an insurance policy on my behalf. Is it sufficient?
No. In general, insurance policies taken out on behalf of the tenant are limited to cover the rental civil liability of the tenants. Therefore, they exclude their personal effects and personal civil liability.

4. Will the insurance policy covering my usual place of residence do?
It might. However, if you are abroad, you should note that French law will be applicable in the event of litigation; you run the risk of your contract not covering you properly. So, you must obtain written confirmation from your insurer.

If you are French, you will generally have automatic insurance called “villégiature” (seasonal-holiday) cover, but it is often limited in amount and duration. It might be insufficient.

5. Is my cover for civil liability enough?
No. This insurance relates to events which have occurred between you and third parties (article 1382 and those following, of the civil code).

Relations between tenant and owners are governed by totally different articles (article 1732 and those following, of the civil code).

6. Is insurance which only covers my rental liability enough?
No. This insurance called “rental risks” is insufficient because it covers sometimes merely damage to the building (the owner’s furniture is sometimes excluded), and only in the event that you are personally liable. All other accidents and events (theft, glass breakage, water damage, for which you are not liable) are excluded.

7. So, what type of insurance policy should I take out?
VINGT Paris recommend a multi-risk household insurance policy which will cover damage to the building and the owner’s furniture, as well as damage to neighbours and third parties; also your personal effects, civil liability, etc. Basic insurance will comprise, in particular, fire-explosion, water-ice damage, theft-vandalism, glass breakage, natural disasters and climatic events, etc. The duration of this insurance contract should be identical to the lease duration; failing which, accidents might be only partially compensated.

8. Are there other reasons why I should take out such an insurance policy?
Yes. For example, in the event of an accident, etc., being assisted with formalities and procedures, and, if need be, represented for your defence; because managing an accident is complicated especially when you are abroad on a visit and are unaware of local practices.

9. Do I still have to put down a deposit with the owner if I take out an insurance policy?
Yes, because some types of damage are not covered by the insurance, in the same way that some charges are your responsibility (electricity, telephone, cleaning, etc.).