Meet the Locals: Juliette in Saint-Paul/Place des Vosges

Posted on February 22, 2015 by VINGT Editorial


Words: Jill Pope
Image: Susie Hollands

Vingt Paris Magazine knows that there’s nothing quite like a local’s insider knowledge, so we go straight to source. Juliette has lived in the ‘lower’ Marais (around Saint Paul and Place des Vosges) for two years, and she took the time to tell us about some of her favourite places in her quartier. After studying law in Paris, Juliette spent four years studying political science in the UK before returning to Paris where she now works as an independent corporate communications consultant.

1. Why did you move to this area and what do you like about it?

I moved to this area because I wanted to live in central Paris. You’re so close to everything – whether by foot, bicycle or taxi.

2. Tell us something surprising about your quartier/something that other people don’t know:

To understand it you have to experience it! It’s full of surprises and unexpected discoveries.

3. Favourite restaurant?

I love going to La Petite TableLe Colimaçon and Santa Carne.

4. Are there any urban legends/historical trivia that you know about the area?

I’ve heard that ages ago le Marais was a damp swamp area on which only willows were growing.

5. Favourite shop?

I love CaravaneDiptyque et Repetto.

6.What makes your area different/distinctive compared to other quartiers in Paris?

There is a lot to discover in le Marais, things that you won’t find in travel books. I have been living in this area for two years now and I have come to realize that there are still so many hidden gardens, monuments and small places that I don’t know about.

7. How would you describe the people who live in the area?

For me, the Marais is a place where you encounter a wide range of different people: from eccentric old gay men, to a bobo actor from a French independent film, tourists with backpacks or a bourgeois family with a King Charles (the dog of course).

8. How has the area changed since you moved here?

I think le Marais is becoming more like Saint Germain des Près. More and more luxury brands (Givenchy, Gucci, Moncler) are opening in Rue des Archives.

9. Favourite bar?

I love La Perle, the Sherry Butt and chez Hortense [La Belle Hortense].

10. Describe an activity/place/walk/something you like doing in your quartier:

On Sundays, the area is pedestrian, so I love walking around with my husband on the streets or on the banks of the Seine. Very romantic!

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Juliette’s lower Marais tips:

Santa Carne
24 Rue des Tournelles, 4th
Ph. 01 42 72 03 07
Métro: Saint-Paul (1), Breguet-Sabin (5)

6 Rue Pavée, 4th
Ph. 01 44 61 04 20
Métro: Saint-Paul (1)

Sherry Butt
20 Rue Beautreillis, 4th
Ph. 09 83 38 47 80
Métro: Saint-Paul (1), Bastille (1,5,9)