Le Centquatre

Posted on December 29, 2009 by VINGT Editorial


Text: Tiffany Tang

Developed as one of the cultural projects by the Mairie de Paris with the vision of reviving the city’s contemporary art scene, Le Centquatre – its name taken from the street number 104, Rue d’Aubervilliers – is an artistic hub for up-and-coming and established artists across a variety of media, under the glass ceiling of recently restored unique nineteenth century architecture. Situated in a humble neighborhood of the nineteenth arrondissement the former funeral parlour was re-opened in October 2008.

The venue offers studios for artist residency while providing technical, financial and human resources, on the condition that regular openings and rendezvous are organized to bring the public into contact with the work-in-progress. Besides artist residency, Centquatre also supports amateur artists by renting out studios at a low cost organized under the creative space Le Cinq (1+0+4=5) and runs programs for youth and children.

Le 104
104, Rue d’Aubervilliers / 5, Rue Curial, 19th
Ph: 01 53 35 50 00
Hours: Opens daily except on Mondays, from 11am to 8pm
(except special events)
Metro: Riquet (7)