Posted on August 5, 2009 by Susie Hollands fooding2011-sheger-2

A “hole in the wall” Ethiopian restaurant in the 11th arrondissement with some outstanding flavors. The main course is served on a single large plate whether you order one or several dishes.

Try the Yebeug Tebses (grilled lamb), Ketffo (Ethiopian steak tartar), and Dorow Key Wot (spicy chicken) accompanied with grilled pepper and onion cooked in niter kibbeh, butter infused with ginger, garlic and several other spices.

And in Ethiopian tradition, all dishes are to be eaten atop injera, large sourdough flatbread, as no utensils are used.

2 Passage Jeu de Boules, 11th
Hours: Open Monday through Fridays from 12h to 14h30 and 19h to 23h,
Saturdays from 19h to 23h.
Métro: Oberkampf (5, 9)