Posted on June 29, 2016 by VINGT Paris

“Each event I’ve found through the blog has given me that great but rare feeling about Paris: ‘This is the right place to be. This is where I should be right now.’” Guardian, Readers’ Tips for City Travel Blogs

“A super arty and and anything-else-that’s-a-bit-arty blog…” Guardian, Meet the Bloggers…in Paris

“For intrepid art connoisseurs and those who just want to know a little more our blog I V Y Paris covers the underground art scene in the French capital.” Guardian, Art in the Banlieues of Paris

“Deliciously arty blog.” I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Local’s Guide: Marais, Paris”

“I V Y Paris [now VINGT Paris] is a great blog…” I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Paris with Children”

” ‘Aix-en-Provence is a small and charming city and the perfect location for a family weekend,’ says VINGT Paris.”   I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Aix-en-Provence”