La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Posted on April 29, 2010 by VINGT Editorial

vingt-paris-grande-epicerie-stephanie-moisanWords: Richard Price
Image: Stéphanie Moisan

If you are a true food-lover, upon entering la Grande Epicerie de Paris, it feels as if your head might explode at any moment.  They have so much and it is all so good.  It really is the best food in the world and it’s right at your fingertips.  All the best meats and cheeses, of course.  This is France – of course, they have wonderful meat and cheese.  But their butter department is bigger than most apartments in Paris.  In particular, they stock plenty of Bordier butter from Normandy, which is considered to be the finest butter in the world.

The foie gras “island” is a highlight, and one can select a modest portion of terrine de foie gras or blow the twins’ college fund on a huge lobe of entier de foie gras.  Likewise, the truffle department.  You don’t want to shop here when you’re hungry!  In the prepared foods department, they have everything from (very good) Chinese to Indian curries to bratwursts and anything else you can imagine.

La Grande Epicerie de Paris
38 Rue de Sevres, 7th
Ph. 01 44 39 81 00
Hours M-Sat 8.30am-9pm
Metro: Sevres-Babylonne (12)