Posted on November 11, 2021 by VINGT Paris

The founder and CEO of VINGT Paris, having relocated to the French capital in 2003, Susie’s knowledge of the city is unparalleled. In fact, she started VINGT Paris Magazine to share that knowledge with Paris visitors and locals.

Managing a portfolio of properties all over Paris gives her the chance to see each neighbourhood from a local’s perspective, so she has difficulty choosing a favourite. Like a true Parisian, she also appreciates both the highs and lows: From the buzz of the Marais on a Friday night and the hustle of the Saint-Ouen flea markets to the formal beauty of the Palais-Royale and a moonlit stroll along the Seine River, there’s a Parisian experience to suit every mood.

Her constant energy is inspired by creativity, ideas and culture, one of the things that Paris has in abundance. Managing VINGT puts her into contact with many amazing people and places, and she appreciates the unique relationship she has with the city.

Favourite local bar?
With my job, everything is local, so it depends on where I am in the city! Le Meurice – downtown – or Le Mary Celeste.

Favourite local café/restaurant?
Maison Plisson for fresh healthy food, otherwise falafel or fresh oysters and seafood from the market..

Local indulgence?

Guilty pleasure?
Listening to Cheri FM and their amazing selection of ’80s French pop.

The best thing about your quartier?
Being so close to two great markets – Marché d’Aligre and Bastille.