Many thanks again to your agency for facilitating my stay at Mr. Price’s apartment.  I truly loved the apartment, and really enjoyed working with Pam every step of the way.  I will definitely recommend both your agency and this amazing apartment to my friends and colleagues.

Olga R, Grahamsville, NY USA, Renter

Thanks Susie! I am so happy with the apartment.  The more time I spend there the more I love it and the neighborhood.  It is perfect.  We had friends stay with us over New Year’s and it is a perfect apartment for two couples. I love that it is walking distance to Luxembourg Gardens, Rodin Museum, my favorite restaurants/stores on Boulevard St Germain, Marche Bio Raspail, and that Bon Marche (my favorite department store in Paris) is right around the corner.  Not to mention all of the shops and restaurants right in the neighborhood! I am so happy you and Will showed me this apartment, and that it worked out.  It was meant to be! Bonnie

Bonnie K, St. Louis, MO, USA. Owner

After much consideration, deliberation, and weighing everything, we have decided on a different flat. We hope you can understand our sense of hesitation in declining your offer because we really liked the flat you showed us and we appreciate very much the lower agency fees you proposed to us. Harriet – your level of service was a stand-out, heads above any other agents we met with which is why it’s so difficult for us to decline. 🙁 If for some reason this flat doesn’t work out for us, we will absolutely keep your agency in mind. If for some reason this flat doesn’t work out for us, we will absolutely keep your agency in mind. Also, do you offer short term rentals? We already have a huge amount of interest from friends and family who want to come visit and we will direct them your way if they are coming for extended visits. Thanks again so much for your assistance and extreme professionalism.

Tara & Brandon Seppa

Work is crazy with long hours, travel and lots to do but the flat and its location are both superb. A haven! Thanks, Nick

Thank you for making the Paris living experience so easy and stress-free. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on La rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine.

Jan and I take this opportunity to thank you for your very professional and friendly service over the past 3 years. I just hope our new agent is as good. Although all dealings are with the owners parents who live in the same building as the new apartment.

Dear Susie, Yes we had a wonderful trip! Spent an absolute fortune eating our way around the city and doing all the touristy stuff but as it was the girls’ first trip to Paris we didn’t mind that. Chez Paul’s was great and we also had a very nice meal in your local, Le Tabarin, on our last night.We loved the flat too – fantastic location. We loved the open-plan sitting room and big windows and having wifi was extremely useful. We watched your copy of Ratatouille which was very appropriate as we were eating out all the time…

LD Author and journalist, London England, renter

Dear Susie – Your apartment was amazing! We would absolutely love to swap anytime in the future, if you’re up for it 🙂 The location is ideal, I must say…

ET – Television Host – Copenhagen, Denmark, renter

Thank you, Harriet! You have been very helpful and efficient. On Thursday please bring a stack of your biz cards, so I can recommend you to my co-workers and friends who visit!

Kathryn Conway, renter

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