Hello Susie, I have until now rented it through friends but it is a hassle since I am not present in France. It is better that you as a professional take on the whole project. Your organisation is very good and I trust you completely.

Helen Molander, renter, seller, buyer

I want to thank you for yet again a wonderful stay in Paris! I’ve had a fabulous month here, in the Abélard and Héloïse flat, at 11 Quai aux Fleurs, on Île de le Cité. As always, I appreciate your expertise, hard work, and help in making this a wonderful holiday!

Brian Martin, renter

Dear Susie, My dearest Ellena is very happy about her new home. She just keeps laughing and laughing with happiness Thank you again. It is time for yoga for you. I think Ellena still owes you some classes. Have a great day. Thank you again, Richard

Richard Rollins, renter

It has been a pleasure living at 19 Rue Champollion. It is a delightful apartment, with a superb location, central to everything in Paris. For tourists especially, it offers a neighborhood that is vibrant, while maintaining its quiet charm. I will miss my Parisian home. I also want to thank you for the superb customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vingt to all of my traveling friends.

Rochelle Bratton, renter

Hi Susie,
Thank you for your response. I understand and will be patience. I am very satisfied with your agency and the people I have had the pleasure to work with. I am happy to know that if Emily has and problems or questions with the apartment she has someone to turn to. You and your agency have been so professional and helpful. I am glad to have chosen your agency

Karen Kenney, renter

Your real estate marketing is the best I’ve encountered in Paris. We are closing the purchase of an apartment on Rue Charles V in November. If we decide to sell our current apartment at Rue De Jarente, I will let you know in advance. Good luck in all your ventures.

Roger J Gendron, buyer

Hi Susie,
All is good, happy to be here, thank you! I did not really know the area, as I always stayed in the 18th before. Very nice indeed.
Thank you again for the quick turnaround and efficiency with everything and thank you for the email.
All the best and I will be in touch if needed.
Bon WE

James Baker, renter

Hi Susie,
Just wanted to write a note from Denver Colorado to say that my husband and I so enjoy getting your emails. We’re getting ready for a trip next September and love reading about markets like the Marche Bastille today. Thanks again for taking us to Paris often… if only in our imaginations!!

Thank you for taking us around all over Paris. You guiys have been great to deal with and very fun to be around.
I wanted to clarify what I said yesterday about you having bigger fish to fry. In no way did I mean your service was not fantastic because it was. I just meant that I know our little project isn’t a mega deal for you and I understand if you have other clients to attend to. You have been very professional, attentive and personable through the whole process and I really appreciate it
Thank you again and I am sure that we will be talking a bunch soon.

Garrett Mutz, buyer

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