Hotel du Nord

Posted on August 1, 2007 by VINGT Editorial

Hôtel-du-Nord-600W-x-450HText: Stephanie Micci

Hotel du Nord has played many roles over the years, with its origins as a hotel dating all the way back to 1885, to its role as the setting of 1938 film by Marcel Carné and its eponymous name.

Today, although no longer a hotel, it plays the part of one of the best restaurant finds in Paris tucked away on picturesque Canal St. Martin.

The restaurant attracts a mélange of both local Parisians and visitors “in the know”, with an atmosphere as diverse as its clientele. There is an elevated formal dining area in the back of the restaurant that is decorated with all the comforts of home, cozy couches and bookshelves, as well as a “petit salon” where you and some friends can play chess while dining. Conversely if you are just looking for a place to sate your palate and catch up with friends there is a more casual bar area in the front of the restaurant that offers a great selection of wines and cocktails.

Hotel du Nord is more than a bustling restaurant, it is a Parisian jewel whose facets reflects the history of life along Canal St. Martin.


Hotel du Nord
102 Quai de Jemmapes, 10th
Ph: 01 40 40 78 78
Hours: The café is open everyday from 9am to 1:30am
The restaurant is open everyday from 12-3pm and from 8pm to midnight.
Metro: Jacques Bonsergent (5)

*Reservations recommended