More challenges in Paris for Airbnb

With travel still largely off the cards for now, the Airbnb model is facing its biggest crisis to date. But in Paris, however, the backlash began long ago… Read more

The latest update on Airbnb

One of the things we are asked about most often at VINGT Paris is the rules around short-term rentals – and, in-particular, holiday lets through companies such as Airbnb. The reason for this is that, following… Read more

Airbnb laws in Paris get even stricter

As regular readers will recall from our past articles, the rental laws in Paris regarding Airbnb were already strict. Well, now they have got even stricter, with a steep increase in fines for property-owners who don’t comply, so… Read more

Good news in Paris for property investors

With Paris already looking very attractive to property investors, thanks to a mix of the ‘Macron effect’, ongoing low interest rates and the Brexit exodus from London, now there is a new reason for them… Read more

Airbnb backlash in Paris

Founded in 2008, Airbnb has been a stellar success story, enabling travellers to enjoy a truly local experience and homeowners to earn a bit on the side. But here in Paris, where lucrative holiday rentals… Read more

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