Aleksandar KATATIC

Posted on November 11, 2021 by VINGT Paris

Born in Serbia, Aleksandar has travelled extensively since then – and, as such, he considers himself a ‘citizen of the world’. Originally graduating in Tourism, he spent five years working in real estate in Madrid as a customer service specialist. He moved to Paris in September 2018, as a client of VINGT Paris, subsequently joining the company in international relocation. Now happily settled in the Marais, he is married to a Spanish fashion photographer and they especially enjoy walking their dog along the Seine.

Favourite local bar?
I really like the appropriately-titled ‘La Favorite’, which is just steps away from my home. It got my attention because always when I pass, there are people laughing, there is great draft beer and a sunny terrace in the mornings.

Favourite local café/restaurant?
After living in various countries around South and East Asia, I fell in love with their food. So, I love to jump into all those small, random and unknown places along rue Montorgueil in the second arrondissement.

Local indulgence?
I love the fresh morning croissants from the boulangerie in front of my apartment in rue du Vertbois, in the third arrrondissiment especially on a Sunday morning.

Guilty pleasure?
I am a chocolate freak, so I like to walk down the rue de Bretagne, in the Haut Marais which is close to my home, and just check into all the patisseries, one by one.

The best thing about your quartier?
Le Marais is a perfect, very cosmopolitan and artistic neighborhood. Every day, I find some new cool shop, gallery or conceptual bar. Also, the Seine is close to my home, where I love to walk with my wife and dog.