Café de Flore

    Someone says the Left Bank, it’s likely that Café de Flore springs to mind. Sure, this place is a hotspot for tourists today, but that’s not to rule it out as an ongoing… Read more

Les Deux Magots

    Café de Flore is Saint Germain’s most famed social hub, but its neighbouring spot – Les Deux Magots – carries just as much history (and charm, for that matter). Sat on the corner… Read more

Café de la Poste

    If you really want to experience the localities of Le Marais, it’s best to stick to its Northern side. Specifically: Café de la Poste. Sat towards the top of Rue de Turenne, this… Read more

Le Barav

    Sure, the 3rd is filled with charming cafés, but if your desired drink is a glass of natural wine, there is only one place to go: Le Barav. Nestled on a quiet street… Read more

La Briciola

    Every major city has a prime pizza spot, and in Paris, it’s La Briciola. Sat in the heart of Le Marais’ top quieter streets, this Italian hub hasn’t tried too hard with its… Read more

Serpent à Plume

    Serpent à Plume was built on the basis of one word: style. A stone’s throw from Maison Victor Hugo in the romantic Place des Vosges, inside is a cave (literally) of glamorous cocktails and culture.… Read more

Le Peloton Café

    Freshly roasted coffee spots aren’t a huge thing in Paris, but there is at least one in each neighbourhood, and in the 4th, it’s Le Peloton. Directly translated as “the pack”, it’s aimed… Read more

Soho House

  Ok, so this one technically isn’t open yet, but its arrival is imminent and the anticipation for it is high, so we’re highlighting it for when the time comes. With existing hubs pretty much… Read more

L’As du Fallafel

      Did you know that Paris is famed for its Falafel’s? Rue des Rosiers is booming with businesses dedicated to the Middle Eastern dish, and though it’s rare to find the street empty,… Read more